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  1. Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign Chapter 1: Preparations, an anime x-overs fanfic | FanFiction
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Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign Chapter 1: Preparations, an anime x-overs fanfic | FanFiction

The much-anticipated part 2 of the series that is easily my most ambitious and most original project in Fanfiction. This is mainly a buildup chapter as the allies prepare for war in the Kingdom of Fiore. It makes sense to continue in that area. I hope you all enjoy this story. It had been several days since the Five World Alliance had been ratified and completely organized. After discussing their next move, they decided to take the Wizard World first before the other four worlds.

With this in mind, they immediately moved towards their chosen headquarters: The capital city of Fiore, Crocus. Crocus looked normal on the inside, in spite of the increased number of residents due to the refugees coming in to escape the Being of Chaos, Konton's advance. However, the outside of Crocus was a completely different story. Tents have been set up as homes for the several thousand soldiers who had come to fight for the sake of the universe. Back on the inside, in the king's castle, in particular, the designated war room bustled with activity.

Fiore next to him. They were surrounded by the leaders of the other four worlds, including the supreme commander, Monkey D.

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Chitsujo looked grim yet serious as he motioned for a servant to bring him a map of Fiore. Chitsujo unrolled the map and gestured to a red line that ran through the landmass that is Fiore. Something Konton can appreciate. Chitsujo slightly grinned at this. Konton, as the Being of the Chaos, could definitely appreciate a little chaos. We cannot afford to leave any stone unturned. Half of the divisions will be in the first wave, while the other half will make up the second wave. Everyone waited for Chitsujo to explain. Shunsui, I'm counting on you to drive the enemy backwards and out of the forest.

The First Division's close-ranged fighting style will serve them well. Chitsujo nodded before continuing. There will be a heavy concentration of enemies due to the buildings. That will probably be the most difficult area. That area is crucial because the railways also connect with Hargeon, the only port town in Fiore. Taking Hargeon will be crucial. Everyone nodded at this. Chitsujo looked at Tsunade. I don't need him acting lazy at a time like this.

Tsunade could not help but chuckle at making the Being of Order, the man who was practically God, shudder in fear. That area is rather dangerous due to the terrain. However, the Fourth Division is in the best possible situation due to their long-ranged techniques. Makarov Dreyar nodded in agreement. And something tells me Konton won't care about the danger the mountainous terrain holds. Because of the mostly wide spaces, the division, as the specialist division, will be free to go all out as much as they please.

Considering the damage some of them can do, it makes sense. A thought, thinking of Killer B and Naruto Uzumaki. The Intelligence Division and the Defense Division will remain here. All information will be supplied from the Intelligence Division and the Defense Division will keep Crocus safe from any surprise attacks.

I don't expect many enemies to get through the defensive line created by my men and the Fiore Army, but at the same time I won't put it past Konton to find some way to move past that unseen. This is for the sake of all worlds. If Konton wins this war, he won't stop here. He will continue his conquest, all for the sake of plunging the universe into chaos. And if all else fails, I will use some of my strength to resurrect some of your comrades.

But only as a last resort. He looked around at the tense-looking soldiers. Ichigo spun around and smiled at the bearer of the familiar voice. Luffy walked up to Ichigo with a blonde man in black and a green-haired man with three swords flanking him. Ichigo shook his head.

I probably wouldn't fit in with the Second Division anyway. Luffy looked sad at this but he quickly brightened up. But I'm in the Second Division under my big brother Sabo. A vein popped out of Sanji's forehead as he took a long drag. Zoro looked at the two swords at Ichigo's hips. Ichigo and Luffy turned to the source of the voice and smiled. Naruto Uzumaki walked up to them with Sakura Haruno at his side. Luffy looked at Naruto.

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Naruto gestured further down behind him. I think he wants some tips on how to fight the guy him and Kakashi-Sensei fought back at Chitsujo's place. Naruto and Ichigo looked at him confused. That Lucci guy was strong, really strong. He almost killed me with nothing but brute strength. The only way you can possibly hope to defeat him is to beat him up until he doesn't get up anymore. Zoro and Sanji looked at one another grimly.

Like the rest of the Straw Hats, other than Brook, they had watched some of that fight, Lucci had been one of Luffy's toughest opponents before they had reached the New World. Luffy then surprised everyone by grinning again. After all, he fought me to a standstill just like Ichigo and Naruto did. Naruto shook his head. Ichigo had met Jellal when he had brought the man to his world to have his eyesight restored by Orihime Inoue.

Jellal had thanked the two profusely and then departed back to his world.

Sanji immediately went into 'love-cook' mode. Sakura shrieked at Sanji's sudden display of affection and punched him in the face, sending him flying backwards. Ichigo and Naruto paled at Sakura's strength while Luffy and Zoro simply laughed. Ichigo looked at Sakura. Why don't you come with me and we'll join the others. The two started walking down to where the members of the First Division had gathered. Zoro followed and Sanji, after recovering, followed as well. Squad 11 Captain Kenpachi Zaraki grinned at the people surrounding him as he took another swig of sake. Ikkaku and Yumichika grunted in agreement.

Kurotsuchi raised her sake. I can't wait to prove the might of the Rock Village against these bastards. Gildarts nodded, taking another sip of sake. And it is for the good of the Fairy Tail Guild. Kenpachi grinned upon seeing the first man to defeat him in combat. Ichigo and Sakura both shook their heads. The purists both insisted that they were underaged. This got a laugh from Kenpachi.

Kenpachi raised an eyebrow. From what I heard he gave you some bad wounds. Ichigo narrowed his eyes at this. It won't happen again. Haven't had a good fight in ages. The redheaded Soul Reaper known as Renji Abarai whistled in appreciation at this. Renji and Hinata turned around to see the commander of the Second Division coming towards them.

Sabo looked to the source of the voice and grinned. Luffy ran towards his last living sworn brother. Luffy then noticed Hinata and Renji's presence. He then looked closely at Hinata. She blushed hotly at how close they were. Hinata blinked in surprise at Luffy's choice of words. Luffy then looked at Renji. Kakashi Hatake nodded, still focused on reading Make-Out Paradise. Kakashi giggled at the contents of his book. This was starting to annoy Natsu. Kakashi had been focused on his book from the beginning of their conversation about Rob Lucci.

Natsu eventually got fed up with this and set his hand on fire. Natsu quickly grabbed the book, burning it. Kakashi's uncovered eye widened as he cried out in surprise. He watched in horror as his book burned to smithereens. He immediately started to whimper at the destruction of his favorite books. Natsu, oblivious to how Kakashi felt at the moment, kept on pressing the matter. Suigetsu groaned at this. I was just about to see Kakashi's go crazy from losing that perverted book of his. Byakuya Kuchiki, the commander of the Fourth Division, sat calmly as he conversed with Shikamaru Nara about tactics.

Byakuya had found that he enjoyed the lazy genius' company because of his intelligence. Also, the railways are key due to the supplies they will transport. Perhaps the First, Second, or Third Division will attack the forest. However, the Fourth Division is definitely going for the mountains. It's a drag, but we're the only group that makes sense. Shikamaru got into his thinking pose.

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That way, they can fire at anyone on the other side. Anyone else can take the front lines. Jellal Fernandes smiled happily as he took in the sights he had been unable to see for such a long time. When Orihime Inoue had restored his sight, he had been shocked, but he had been thrilled. Not only was he now able to see again, but now he was going to be a much more effective commander of his division. He watched as the woman he loved sparred with Squad 7 Captain Sajin Komamura.

Why did you choose to spar with me? Komamura and Jellal blinked in surprise.

Four Worlds

Naruto Uzumaki then entered the fray. Jellal blinked in surprise at Killer B's blunt interest in Erza. Erza and Komamura stopped. Erza blushed at this, knowing what Jellal meant. Jellal quickly shook his head. In fact, why don't one of you fine gentleman ask her out. She smiled at Jellal's accidental display of affection. In man the activation of willpower through intellect and emotion until deed, requires time and subsequent cause and effect.

In the Divine Sephirot and their activation of Creation, this does not apply, as limitations only apply to Creation. The Book of Job states that "from my flesh I see God". In Kabbalah and Hasidism this is understood to refer to the correspondence between the "Divine psychology" of the Four Worlds and the Sephirot, with human psychology and the Sephirot in the soul of man.

From understanding the Kabbalistic description of the human soul, we can grasp the meaning of the Divine scheme. Ultimately, this is seen as the reason that God chose to emanate His Divinity through the 10 Sephirot, and chose to create the corresponding chain of four Worlds called the " Seder hishtalshelus "-"order of development".

He could have chosen to bridge the infinite gap between the Ein Sof and our World by a leap of Divine decree. Instead the Sephirot and Four Worlds allow man to understand Divinity through Divine manifestation, by understanding himself. The verse in Genesis of this correspondence also describes the feminine half of Creation: Consequently, some of the Sephirot are feminine, and the Shechina immanent Divine presence is seen as feminine.

It is the intimate relationship between the Divine scheme of four World and man, that allows man's ascent more easily to Divine consciousness see Dveikus. Ezekiel's Tomb in Iraq. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. General Worlds in Kabbalah A"K. Mainstream displacement of rationalism with Kabbalah. Selective influence on Western thought. Mysticism after Spanish expulsion.

Mystics of 16th-century Safed. Mysticism in religious Zionism. Academic interest in Jewish mysticism. Non-Orthodox interest in Jewish mysticism. Kabbalistic reasons for the Mitzvot. Chapter 4, footnote Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved from " https: Four Worlds Kabbalah Kabbalistic words and phrases. Archived copy as title Articles containing Hebrew-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Views Read Edit View history.

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