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  1. Not All Fairytales Have a Happy Ending: Sleeping Beauty Syndrome
  2. 1. Snow White
  3. 10 Original Dark Versions Of Children’s Fairy Tales
  4. Fairy tales or scary tales? The origins behind our favorite childhood stories
  5. 8 Fairy Tales And Their Not-So-Happy Endings

Not All Fairytales Have a Happy Ending: Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

She does, and you would expect her selfless act to end with the two of them getting married. The prince marries a different woman, and the Little Mermaid throws herself into the sea, where her body dissolves into sea foam. Now here are four more fairy tales you might not be familiar with, but you might have trouble forgetting.

The King's wife dies and he swears he will never marry again unless he finds a woman who fits perfectly into his dead Queen's clothes. So he insists on marrying her. Understandably, she has a problem with this and tries to figure out how to avoid wedding dear old dad. She says she won't marry him until she gets a trunk that locks from outside and inside and can travel over land and sea.

1. Snow White

He gets it, but she says she has to make sure the chest works. To prove it, he locks her inside and floats her in the sea. She meets a prince, leaves her shoe behind, he goes around trying to see who it belongs to. A brother and sister get lost in the woods and find themselves trapped in cages, getting plumped up to be eaten.

Only it's not a wicked witch, it's the Devil and his wife. The Devil makes a sawhorse for the little boy to bleed to death on seriously! The siblings pretend to be confused and ask the Devil's wife to demonstrate how the boy should lay on the sawhorse; when she shows them they tie her to it and slit her throat.

10 Original Dark Versions Of Children’s Fairy Tales

They steal all of the Devil's money and escape in his carriage. He chases after them once he discovers what they've done, but he dies in the process. A widower gets remarried, but the second wife loathes the son he had with his first wife because she wants her daughter to inherit the family riches. So she offers the little boy an apple from inside a chest. When he leans over to get it, she slams the lid down on him and chops his head off.

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Well, the woman doesn't want anyone to know that she killed the boy, so she puts his head back on and wraps a handkerchief around his neck to hide the fact that it's no longer attached. Her daughter ends up knocking his head off and getting blamed for his death. To hide what happened, they chop up the body and make him into pudding, which they feed to his poor father. Eventually the boy is reincarnated as a bird and he drops a stone on his stepmother's head, which kills her and brings him back to life. These old fairy tales sure do enjoy a healthy dose of incest.

In this Italian tale, the king's wife dies and he falls in love with Penta She tries to make him fall out of love with her by chopping off her hands. The king is pretty upset by this; he has her locked in a chest and thrown out to sea. A fisherman tries to save her, but Penta is so beautiful that his jealous wife has her thrown back out to sea. Luckily, Penta is rescued by a king who isn't her brother. Like all fairy tales, The Jungle Book does not escape the dark layers that make a fairytale so great. Rudyard Kipling story is a doozy.

Some parents freak out about some Disney movies today that gave no hint their accusations. Merida from Brave comes to mind when some parents thought Merida was a lesbian tomboy because she refused to marry any of the suitors that her mother chose for her. After killing Shere Khan, Mowgli discovers that his human parents were captured by farmers and as a result, destroys the village.

He asked his wolf pack to help him do it. After the event, Mowgli is adopted by a village governed by the English where he lives happily after? A story about a young woman wanting to explore the world could be related to any adolescent wanting to fly the coop and leave the nest into the unknown. Add a dashing, devilish rogue as the love interest a mischief horse and chameleon, a frying pan, and you have a classic Disney movie.

For instance, did you know that Rapunzel was not a princess but the daughter of a peddler? When the couple was expecting their first child, the mother had a hard-core craving for lettuce, so the father saw a garden teeming with lettuce. Little did he know he was about to make a big mistake.

Fairy tales or scary tales? The origins behind our favorite childhood stories

He had no choice and gave up their daughter to the wicked witch who locked up the child in a tower. Fast forward and Rapunzel becomes this gorgeous young thing with a beautiful voice I suppose they all do and long hair.

25 Dark and Disturbing Original Versions Of Children’s Fairy Tales

When Rapunzel meets the prince, she freaks out, but the prince sweet-talks Rapunzel and asks to take him as a husband oh, she took him as her husband all right. Least to say, Rapunzel gets knocked up and once the witch finds out about the prince, she blinds them and casts the two into the desert. We all know how this story goes. Ariel is a sixteen-year-old who believes she is old enough to make her own decisions. When she meets a dark, tall, and handsome Prince Erick, she falls in love and willingly trades her voice for a pair of human legs. Though we would all love to believe that Ariel does, in fact, live happily ever after and marries the prince in a puffy s-style bridal gown, this little mermaid has a much more tragic ending.

Everything in the Disney retelling is pretty much on the nose up until you meet the sea witch. Just as the story proposed, in exchange for a pair of feet, the little mermaid surrendered her voice and signed her life away. When she gets to dry land, she was horrified to discover that taking a step was like walking on glass. She succeeds in meeting the prince, but the little mermaid was friend zoned. The prince ends up marrying another woman.

She had the option to kill the prince to take his heart and soul, but the mermaid loved him so much that she sacrificed her own life for his happiness. Deep in grief, the mermaid returned to the sea and turned to sea foam. God saw the mermaids sacrifice and gave her a soul, allowing her to ascend to heaven.

8 Fairy Tales And Their Not-So-Happy Endings

Way to think ahead, Ariel. Okay, so this one is a bit of a stretch. Not everyone knows the real story behind Hercules he put the glad in gladiator after all. The inconsistencies of the true legend of Hercules and the Disney version does not, unsurprisingly, match. One thing Disney did get right is his love for a woman named Megara. And like all Greek tales, theirs ends in tragedy. As a result of being so charming, he was also very fruitful and had multiple offspring who were born from his trysts.

One of his children was Hercules. Of course, Hera was fuming, but instead of taking it out on her husband,she took it out on the strong-man Herc.

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Marrying Megara, who was the daughter of the King of Thebes, they seemed to have a happy domestic life. They had children and were pretty normal in terms of a traditional family. In a fit of rage, she makes Hercules mad which forces him to murder his wife and three sons.

He was so destructive that Athena had to knock him out with a stone. When he came too, he saw what he had done and was tormented with grief. The songs, the storyline, Demi Moore…all of it. Befriended by gargoyles and a beautiful green-eyed gypsy, and handsome crusader, Quasimodo and his friends vanquish Frollo; stopping the imprisonment and torture of the gypsy people.

If only the triumphant story was true. Once the free-spirited gypsy was in the hands of the authorities, she was then taken to the gallows where she was hanged. Dang, Quasi sold her out! There was no dramatic scene where the hunchback breaks free from his chains and swoops down to save the girl. There is just grief and a childhood letdown. He dies on her grave and is buried with the one person who ever showed him an ounce of kindness. When the grave was exhumed, the Undertaker tried to pry their bones apart, but in doing so, turned their bones to dust and ash.

The story starts with demons. In their possession, they carry a mirror that sees all the evil in man. It shatters and sprinkles over the eyes of men and women in a small village. The two main characters, Kay and Gerda, are victims of such a plight. Kay is abducted by the Snow Queen; a woman made entirely made of ice and is taken to her castle as her pet. When she finally discovers the palace, she finds Kay inside, and is frozen blue with apathy and, basically, negativity. So, Gerda did the only thing a woman could do in a 19 th century fairytale…she burst into tears.

Her warm tears of purity brought the boy back to the present, filling his heart with warmth and joy and returns to his village with Gerda in hand. Not a sad story, but a completely different tale compared to the Disney version. In elementary school, you would be lucky to learn a thing or two about the early establishment of Jamestown, Virginia; the story about how the English came to the new world and began to establish their colonies that will one day be the foundation of the US.

However, none is more famous than the story of Pocahontas and her love for John Smith. Disney amped up a sugary version of a young Native American woman who was curious about the arriving settlers, all the while, trying her best to bridge peace between the newcomers and her people. But did you know that the Disney version is, well, wrong? In fact, most of the historical accounts between John Smith and Pocahontas were most likely made up.

Pocahontas was not her name, her name was Amonute and went by the name of Matoaka and was the favorite daughter of Chief Powhatan. When settlers came to the New World, John Smith was among the settlers. It said that in , Pocahontas was kidnapped by the same settlers in exchange for imprisoned white settlers. Unfortunately, only half were returned, and Pocahontas was whisked away to England where she converted to Christianity, renamed herself Rebecca, and married an Englishman named John Rolf. Out of all the Disney retellings, The Princess and the Frog has to be the most pleasant adaptation.

We have a strong female character who is independent, ambitious, and motivated who is goal oriented and works hard for her future. The story of a young woman living in the s in New Orleans is one to surely be remembered. Voodoo magic along with a crocodile and firefly sidekick and you have a feature film set for success.