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These two strands of his life are intertwined. Times, Sunday Times The surgery storylines are fabulously intertwined with the relationships between the staff. The Sun But this is a world increasingly intertwined with our own. Times, Sunday Times The paradox is poignant and the lives of the two drivers remain intertwined.

Times, Sunday Times Defence is where politics and business are inextricably intertwined. Times, Sunday Times We are closely intertwined with economic growth.

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Times, Sunday Times Happiness and success continue to be intertwined in adult life. Times, Sunday Times The educational system and the capitalist economy are closely intertwined. An Introduction to Human Societies Monetary policy and financial stability policy will become closely intertwined.

Times, Sunday Times Our four nations are inextricably intertwined. Times, Sunday Times Oil and politics are inextricably intertwined. Times, Sunday Times Europe remains deeply intertwined with Russia and is heavily dependent upon its gas and oil. Times, Sunday Times It's a cracking read about racing and betting and how the two are intertwined.

The Sun Indeed, the two were frequently intertwined. Times, Sunday Times But this is a false distinction: Times, Sunday Times The issues are deeply intertwined and hugely complex , and no single set of rulings will be definitive. Times, Sunday Times It is a wonderfully informative , entertaining overview of the deeply intertwined relationship between our political system and its founding text. Times, Sunday Times The two are inevitably intertwined. Times, Sunday Times The two, though, are inextricably intertwined.

During a brief stop in Yekaterinoslav currently Dnepropetrovsk , the budding artist created one of his earliest drawings, a view of the town, which he later offered to Varvara Bashmakova. Another page in the album reveals a poem in French by Maurice Destrem, a well-known scientist, Lieutenant-General in the Transport Engineer Corps, and one of the key figures behind the construction of Russia's first railways.

An important historical entry in the album is a long note from Pavel Gayevsky himself. Dated March , the detailed four-page account describes a parting visit to his Feodosia home from Count Mikhail Vorontsov, who was on his way to take up the post of Viceroy of the Caucasus. Travelling with a group of aides, the Count continued his journey aboard the ship Bessarabia. Such are a few of the extremely diverse artistic and historical gems contained in the Gayevsky family album.

Altogether, this wonderful find gives a fascinating picture of the family's circle of acquaintances in the first half of the 19th century. The drawings by the young Aivazovsky, together with the notes, sketches and references to friends and acquaintances of the Gayevsky family, offer an insight into the life of the young man who would later become a great painter. We are able to form an impression of his surroundings and of his relationships, and to gain an idea of the kind of atmosphere in which he grew up.

Returning to the history of the town of Feodosia, and the wider history of Russia too, two of the main characters portrayed by Aivazovsky in the album deserve further attention. In the Second Army, Gayevsky also made the acquaintance of the future Governor General of Novorossiya and Bessarabia, Mikhail Vorontsov, who at that time commanded a division in Bagration's army. Gayevsky was also an old friend of General Nikolai Rayevsky, who commanded a corps in Bagration's army. The first reference to their friendship dates back to , taking us to Kamenka, the Rayevsky estate: Shortly after that, in , he was sent to Feodosia to manage the customs warehouse there.

In and he served as the town governor of Feodosia, appointed to put the town's affairs in order. Historians have noted his huge service to the development of the area: Gayevsky introduced significant reforms in Feodosia's governance. Earlier, between and , he had been in charge of the third division of the Department of Property under the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Empire, thus bearing responsibility for the administration of Russia's governorates.

Dividing it up into several desks, I then split the business into categories, defining the responsibilities of the various chancellery ranks and staff. During the years that followed, until , when Kaznacheyev arrived in Feodosia to take over the post of town governor, Gayevsky played a key role in the reform and development of the town.

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Taking over from Gayevsky, Kaznacheyev took measures to refine the system of governance further, improving conditions for trade and relations with foreign representatives, redistributing land and developing vineyards and the production of wine in the eastern part of the Crimea. Having assumed the post of town governor, in a letter to Mikhail Vorontsov dated May 5 , Kaznacheyev wrote: To give him his due, finally, he understands your benevolent intentions concerning trade and, as far as he can, directs his actions accordingly.

I am quite certain that with me, he will prove just as effective as he was with Andrei Vasilievich. This letter bears testimony to the cordial relations that existed between Gayevsky and Kaznacheyev. Under these wise and caring governors, Feodosia prospered once more, gradually turning into an attractive, orderly town. Small wonder, then, that two of the town's streets were named after Gayevsky and Kaznacheyev, as was the Gayevsky fountain.

Decades later, Ivan Aivazovsky would continue their good work with further construction and development in Feodosia, not as a town administrator, however, but simply as a man born and bred there, who dearly loved his native parts. Aivazovsky first met Kaznacheyev in and, some time afterwards, the town governor also introduced the young Armenian lad to Gayevsky. The Gayevsky family was well-known for its hospitality, and entries made in the album by friends and guests of the couple clearly show that Yelena Gayevskaya was much appreciated for her kindness and generosity.

Aivazovsky became a frequent visitor to the Gayevsky household, leaving behind several drawings in the family album. We can imagine him listening to Pavel Gayevsky's stories of naval glory from the end of the 18th century when Gayevsky had sailed with Russia's great admirals, Ushakov and Senyavin. In February , the Russian squadron commanded by Ushakov had been preparing to fight for the islands of Corfu and Vido.

Before the hostilities began, Ushakov had noted: I am, however, counting on the bravery of the members and officers of the squadron. Pavel ship's log states that, At 4 o'clock, warrant officer Gayevsky boarded our ship to see the squadron commander. He had been sent from the ship Pyotr by Captain of the first rank, cavalier Senyavin, to discuss affairs of the navy The astounding military and diplomatic victory achieved by Admiral Ushakov and the Russian fleet in the drive to liberate Italy from the French was noted by all contemporary historians.

Gayevsky's tales of heroic deeds and naval voyages were likely to have ignited an interest in history and in the Russian fleet in the young artist Aivazovsky. As well as Kaznacheyev, other likely frequent guests in the Gayevsky household were Khristophor Anastasiev, chairman of the Feodosia Court who had been Suvorov's comrade and adjutant, and Semyon Bronevsky, a former Feodosia town governor, who was a veteran of Russia's Persian campaign and the founder, in , of the town's Museum of Antiquities.

Bronevsky died in Feodosia on December 27 Upon Kotlyarevsky's death Aivazovsky, who had known and highly respected the general, ordered a chapel to be built in his memory. The artist also had new premises built for the museum on Mount Mithridat. Both Bronevsky and the Gayevsky family often talked about Alexander Pushkin.

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Kaznacheyev knew the poet personally and offered him support while he was serving in Odessa under Mikhail Vorontsov. The compassion that you have expressed to me in this regard, moves me greatly You speak of protection and of friendship. Yet these two things are surely incompatible. I cannot, and do not wish to aspire to Count Vorontsov's friendship, still less, to his protection. Nothing, in my view, dishonours a man as much as does protection, and I have too much respect for this man to be willing to debase myself with him.

I have my own democratic prejudices in this regard, and they are no less considerable than the prejudices of aristocratic pride. The Gayevsky family were also acquainted with Pushkin.

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They probably met the poet at the Rayevsky home in Kiev in the middle of May , when Pushkin was in the city, as suggested by the Pushkin scholar, Yury Lotman: There, he met with several of his acquaintances from St. Petersburg, including the family of the famous general and hero of the war, Nikolai Nikolayevich Rayevsky. Having served with General Rayevsky during the war of and at the Battle of Borodino, by May Gayevsky had become the head of the Kiev customs house.

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It seems likely that Rayevsky could have introduced Gayevsky to the poet. Documentary evidence exists that Pushkin knew Gayevsky's wife, Yelena, the main owner of our album. In a letter to his daughter, Yekaterina, penned during his journey to Mineralniye Vody in the Caucasus in the company of Pushkin, Rayevsky wrote: She proceeded to join her husband. They had refused to give her the horses that were waiting for me. She prepared us some breakfast, we ate, I sent with her these letters to you, and we departed. Pushkin was an important figure in Aivazovsky's life and work.

The artist and the poet did not meet until , but the stories that the young Ivan had heard about Pushkin, and the readings held in the homes of Gayevsky and Kaznacheyev had ignited the young painter's interest. The two met in St. Petersburg while the future marine painter was finishing his studies at the Imperial Academy of Arts.

The notes and drawings from this family album bring an entire era to fascinating life.

Each of the participants in this story followed their own unique direction, yet fate brought them together at certain times, causing their seemingly separate paths to cross. Through its pages, the facts of many lives, buried in the dust of time, emerge with greater clarity, offering us precious insights into times gone by. In the s, Taitbout de Marigny owned, and was captain of, the brig Julia. In , and he explored the Azov, Black and Mediterranean Sea coasts, paying particular attention to ancient ruins and studying the local history, culture and way of life.

In , Kushnikov bought a house in Feodosia, in which Alexander I subsequently stayed for two months. In , Kushnikov bequeathed , rubles to the Kerch Institute for Noble Maidens, as a result of which the institute was renamed in his honour.

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Maria Kushnikova and her family knew Ivan Aivazovsky well. In the background, ships from the squadron of Counter Rear Admiral Mikhail Lazarev are on their Constantinople mission off the European coast of the Bosphorus. The monument was erected to honour the arrival of Imperial Russian troops in the Bosphorus at the request of the Turkish Sultan. The drawing shows a Turk sitting by the monument, with Russian soldiers nearby. Skip to Main Content Area. One evening, bound for Gurzuf in a light sailboat, gazing up at the dark moonless sky, the poet penned his first verses to Crimea and its seas, and immediately sent the elegy to his brother: Rayevsky family archive, edition, vol.

Odessa Region State archive. Novy Khronograph publishers, Feodosia Art Life, The remaining part was burned in the s, when a sanatorium was created on the spot where his dacha had stood. Translated from the French. Album owned by the family of Feodosia town governor Pavel Gayevsky.