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  1. God the Source of Peace
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  4. What Jesus Left Behind

God the Source of Peace

Because most people are selfish and dishonest. Stern and harsh as such judgment may sound, it is nonetheless true: They have not yet learned to appreciate the blessing in doing good to others and living together in truth and harmony. But of course this condition is not unique to our time. The Bible shows that the same situation existed in Jerusalem when they were without peace in the time of Jeremiah.

While selfish and dishonest people claimed there was "Peace, peace," the prophet proclaimed that in reality there was no peace. Human selfishness began in Eden, when our first parents chose to ignore God's law and break His covenant. In view of man's unhappy condition, peace is a desirable objective in this present evil world. It is therefore essential that we inquire of God regarding peace and His program for its gift to believers.

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We thus see the Almighty as the God of power; as the God of justice; as the God of wisdom; as the God of love. A special manifestation of one attribute may reveal God; even a prominent activity may seem to describe Him. God may, then, sometimes be thought of as a God of wrath; at other times, as a God of mercy.

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And because essential benefits extend to us from our Heavenly Father which reveal His gracious character, we may also properly think of Him as the God of light, the God of truth, or the God of all grace. But more often Scripture refers to Jehovah as the God of peace. And many New Testament books contain a salutation invoking a blessing of peace from our Heavenly Father. The fountain of all peace is God Himself. From His own vast resources of power and wisdom springs God's peace. It is an ingredient of His inherent goodness.

All power and wisdom emanate from Him. The scope of His mighty intellect reaches to the utmost bounds of possibility, comprehends all causes and discerns with precision all effects; consequently God knows the end from the beginning--a knowing which comes not only from philosophical principles which He Himself established, but also by intuitive knowledge. As the Creator of all things and the originator of all law, God is thoroughly acquainted with all the intricate subtleties of physical, moral and intellectual law, so that no problem could arise the results of which are not manifest to His mind.

Peace is a moral quality of mind and heart. Peace is defined as a state of quiet or tranquility, freedom from disturbance or agitation. Such a state of mind is affirmed of God.

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He is never wearied nor perplexed by any of the cares of His vast dominion. Yet this perfect peace of God is not due to the absence of disorders in His realm. It is not due to an indifference to the pain or pleasure of others. The perfect peace of God stems from that perfect poise and balance of His glorious attributes which make Him master of His sovereign situation in the universe. We do not think of God as developing peace or of growing in this quality, but rather of His complete possession of it.

God rejoices when sinners repent, and He sorrows at acts of sin, even as does man whom He made in His image. God's peace has prevailed and been manifested during the discord, hatred, and rebellion in His family. Surely our God of peace has sorrowed with the discord within His creations. One of His sons became a tempter, an opponent, and a usurper.

Another son and his family proceeded on a course of disobedience which has continued for many centuries. And angelic sons became allies of Satan. But God's peace has ever maintained; it rules in perfection amidst such rebellions. This is so because peace is compatible with godly sorrow, not overcome by it. Peace is developed in us according to our faith and acceptance of the principles taught by our Master.

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The sacrificial death of Jesus enabled the blessing of peace with God. Those who are justified by faith have been reconciled. Paul refers to this reconciliation in Col. And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled in the body of His flesh through death. This opens the way; then we receive and begin to grow in the true peace of God. God inspires peace in others because He has peace, and is at peace.

Paul suggests in Phil. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. A legacy is something which is left behind by one who has died, for others to enjoy after him. Jesus promised such a gift just before His death on the cross. His words are in John But Jesus surely had peace. The Psalmist's description of those who have peace--"Great peace have they which love thy law, and nothing shall offend them"--includes our Master above all others.

Amidst such circumstances, however, our Master's confidence that His Father always heard Him Luke Because such gracious words proceeded out of the mouth of the Son of God Luke 4: Jesus read and believed the testimony of faithful men of old who saw God's glory and power. His belief in the divine majesty of God enabled peace to prevail in His every trial. More than this, His peace increased daily in a deepening appreciation of God's wondrous character as it became known to Him through God's revealed purposes.

This was important in His ministry. He instructed His disciples to 'speak peace'. When first entering a house, they should say, "Peace be to this house, and if the son of peace be there, your peace shall rest upon it. Peace is received by the same rule as are other spiritual qualities--in the measure our faith permits: Jesus encouraged the faith of blind men with those words so they might receive literal sight.

His promise of peace as a legacy affirms its importance. Other aspects of His blessing did not receive a similar emphasis. He did not say He left His knowledge to us. But He would have us learn of Him. But He would have us be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

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But He did say that greater works than what He did we would do. I will be remembered for my attitude, presence, words, and actions that left a pleasant fragrance or putrid stench. In order to establish a great legacy, there needs to be an intentional effort every day with the help of the Holy Spirit. There are 10 things for which I want to be remembered by my family, friends, and co-workers:.

What Jesus Left Behind

God gives us great grace to accomplish His will right where we are. Being on the receiving end of undeserved grace and mercy makes it easier to pass it on to others.

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  5. Giving grace is the ability to release our loved ones to experience everything God has created them to be and allowing them to make mistakes along the journey without being condemned. Sometimes we have to bring the joy with us when we show up in the home, work, church, or community. Great personal joy happens within us when other people are inspired by our words and actions. As believers in Christ Jesus, our legacy should be one of incredible generosity of our time, money, and energy. We are promised by God that He will supply all our needs and grant our desires according to His will.

    Our legacy is bolstered when we live unhindered by selfish ambition or hoarding earthly treasures for ourselves. Many of us grow up believing that people love us when we do something worthy of their affection. However God has called us to love unconditionally as He has loved us. Through His grace, the legacy of agape love can reach throughout many generations of family and friends.

    It takes time and effort to disciple people in Christ, but God gives us the wisdom and strength when we trust in His direction. If there was only one legacy I could leave—it would be the hope I have in Christ for eternal life. Every day I must live as if it were the last one on this earth considering the question: Everyone leaves a legacy whether they plan to or not.

    Everything we say or do leaves the imprint of our lives on those around us. Start your legacy list today and begin to live in the fullness that God created you to experience. All rights reserved worldwide. Inspiration , leaving a legacy , Testimony.