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What a great reminder of how stories work in copy… and, as usual, a great re-telling of the backstory by you. And thanks for the rec. Anyway, yeah sure, grab this with my complements for CRT, which is one of the only e-letters that does not get filtered and lands straight in the inbox. I will keep on reading your stuff, as long as you keep in writing it! I find it to be a great framework for copy, which surprisingly coves a lot of the basics you usually learn about when you learn about direct response marketing….

I do use stories on my blog, quite successfully though.

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A Tale of Two Men | Keep Believing Ministries

After six weeks the worst happened and he found himself in a situation where three guys were following him. These three guys caught up to him and tried to mug him but three kicks and three broken legs later John was walking home perfectly fine. The one critical difference that separated which one of these young men ended up in a fight was 10lbs of muscle. Conventional wisdom would say that these young men should have learned self-defence in order to protect themselves.

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Thanks for the insightful comment, Will. Lawrenece, My first time here and this copy is brilliant.

A Tale Of Two Copywriters

Your using the ads as story applied to all of us who market ourselves, our books, and our business. Thanks for your writing.

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Got a nice request for an interview from Annie Jennings PR on podcast. This is another doable skill I can teach my coaching clients in writing their book for their ideal audience. Why not make money on your writing projects? Excellent drill-down into what can be argued as one of the most famous direct-response long-from copywriting ads in history. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They were very much alike, these two copywriters.

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The ad that was written in mere hours buried the week-long effort by many multiples. What Made The Difference While one writer spent days building the perfect lead, piling layers of proof into his ad and extracting every conceivable hot button to boost response… The other writer had a hunch that a good, old-fashioned story was called for to sell the dickens out of his particular product.

And he was right.

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But where did he get such a brilliant idea? Because he knew the first few seconds the prospect was into the piece would have told him in no uncertain terms… This Guy Is Trying To Sell Me Something! He urges us to guard them as Joseph did the granary. Often, we see our spiritual opulence as pay-off for our hard work though.

We weigh out our patience and grace like the supply is limited. Every ounce we give to another is measured to ensure we have enough saved up to enjoy for ourselves.

The stores in our hearts are filled to overflow on purpose. We can steward and share His goodness freely. Do you recognize your riches in Christ?

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  • Does your heart pour His abundance on others? Share your Blog with our audience below: The code is on our sidebar! Bethany McIlrath works as a marketing specialist.

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    She creates content, copy, and social media posts for her wonderful clients on a freelance basis. The flexible work format makes serving in ministry regularly online feasible. Her passion is using words to point others to Christ and build others up in faithful, humble confidence. She writes about step by step, day by day faith on http: Bethany is also grateful to ghostwrite and guest-write for other bloggers and ministries.

    We just need to trust and be wise.

    Silhouette and Leotard: a Tale of Two Men?

    I really loved the insight ,Bethany! The parallel study between Joseph and the fool. I pray we continue to gather for eternity and NOT store the perishable. I was so excited when I noticed the parallel, Diana! Blessings to you too! View More only minor edits. What makes this letter particularly interesting is that there is strong evidence suggesting the narrative of the letter was swiped from older ads, specifically from ads for The Alexander Hamilton Institute a popular correspondence school at the time.

    I've included those ads as well so you can see the similarities. Now, let's get into the actual letter. The first three paragraphs are brimming with optimism. Then we're hit with a down note. One man ended up being more "successful in business" than the other. Journal readers, this is a soft spot.