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And what sort of a river was it? This passage from the Lippincott edition illustrates something of his tone: So you must not trust Dennis, because he is in the habit of giving pleasant answers: In contrast, the Facsimile Classics edition from Mayflower books contracts all six pages into two sentences:.

Tom thought nothing about what the river was like. Certainly this makes the passage less offensive, but it also turns it into awkward, silted prose. A full hundred yards broad it was, sliding on from broad pool to broad shallow, and broad shallow to broad pool, over great fields of shingle, under oak and ash coverts, past low cliffs of sandstone, past green meadows, and fair parks, and a great house of grey stone, and brown moors above, and here and there against the sky the smoking chimney of a colliery.

But Tom thought nothing about what the river was like. To give an idea of just how much abridgement is deemed necessary to appeal to a modern audience, consider that the original text is pages in length, while the Facsimile Classics edition is pages in large print , and the Puffin Classics just Abridgements, of course, always raise questions about what is being excised, and to what extent passages can be edited while remaining true to the spirit of the original.

Perhaps the most extreme abridgement is represented by the s Water-Babies picture books from the Good Night, Sleep Tight Storybook series. Skip to main content. Search Beyond the Reading Room. Streeter was to find where the money was hidden. Seemed simple enough, but they weren't the only ones looking: A shady lawyer, his two thugs with their own agenda, and there seemed to be a cop in the mix. Dec 18, Will Decker rated it really liked it. There is no graphic sex, though some is hinted at.

There is very little graphic violence, though a lot is hinted at. And there is very little real excitement, though a lot is hinted at.

Fairy Tale Fridays: The Water-Babies

Yet, the writing is so smooth and the characters so believable, the story flows flawlessly. Great editing, great detail, and with a hint of noir, it was a real pleasure to read. Stone knows his subject matter and it shows in all the right ways. This story introduces him and his idiosyncrasies. He shares many of the characteristics of Doolittle's Tom Bethany. The story itself wasn't my favorite but I think this Streeter guy has some better stories in his future and I plan to keep an eye out for his adventures.

Dec 18, Ksb Nh rated it really liked it.

Where Nothing is Impossible

As described in notes about the author, " Many sleazy characters but an entertaining story that was indeed original. Jan 09, Cindy rated it really liked it. This is good crime noir and Streeter is a fun protagonist with a kind of wry sense of humor. Lots of red herrings, ulterior motives and untrustworthy characters. The twisty parts at the end are fun.

Worth your time and money. Received free copy for review. Dec 20, Kevin rated it it was amazing. Streeter A very good read! You can see why it was nominated for the Shamus award! Good story and fun to read.

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Dec 21, larry brashear rated it really liked it. This book has a really good plot and is spine chilling all the way through! Good author and good editing. Jan 02, Debra Kayser rated it it was amazing. Great book This book just kept me into it. Anyone that likes mysteries would like this book. I had a hard time putting it down. Mar 25, Jh rated it did not like it. Too bad there's not a no-star option Simply horrid-at least the few pages I suffered through. Who reads this type of sexist drivel?

Dec 26, BonusMom rated it liked it. Good story This was a pretty good story. A variety of characters, some you liked and some you didn't. Some you just wanted to shake and ask what they were think thinking.

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It's kinda pulp-y, but a good detective style. It's campy, and I like that. The title just makes me laugh every time I see it on my bookshelf. Apr 25, Glen J rated it it was amazing. Mr Stone delivers a thriller. Dec 21, Suzanne rated it really liked it.

The Other Side of Nowhere

The characters were as promised: Wouldn't want to know them, but fun to read. Jan 24, Harry rated it really liked it. Action, plus well drawn characters A good story, well developed characters and a lot action - what is not to like? I'll be reading the rest of Stone's Streeter novels. Feb 09, Edward F Mura rated it really liked it.

The Other End of Nowhere (The Water Babies) (A Good Night, Sleep Tight | eBay

Worth reading An awful lot of characters but it finally came together half way through. I will try and follow the author. Dec 30, Ed rated it liked it. I'd really give it a 3.

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  • Harry Delong rated it did not like it Dec 24, Nola O'keeffe rated it really liked it Dec 27, Bonnie Moen rated it it was amazing Apr 11, And of course there will be that one night, when the alarm sounds and everyone is forced from their beds in a panicked hurry. Peggy Carter will not only be at the center of it, but she will be the one keeping the intruder pinned down. Dressed in a faded floral nightgown thrown over her night clothes, smelling like rose water, her hair hidden under a silk scarf to keep her curls in place, gun held steadily in a perfectly manicured hand.

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    Let’s just appreciate Rick O’Connell for a moment

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