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This occurs because ever so frequently, you will have an unnatural lack of spacing between two spoken words.

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These poor edits compound with the fast narration style to give the reader the since that the narrator is running through the reading. So much so I had to double check my settings to see if I had accidentally set play back to 2x speed. The editing is terrible, but if you can convince yourself to ignore it--the story and characters are enjoyable. The narrator does a good job of playing different parts.

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The audible is enjoyable everywhere except the beginning of new sentences. Chris Northern Narrated by: The Price of Freedom , Book 1 Length: Free with day Trial Membership details Membership details A day free trial and your first audiobook is free After trial, get 1 credit each month good for any audiobook.

Robin Hood:Thief of Barnsdale eBook / download / online id:n0hqgrd

Give as a gift. Publisher's Summary My name is Sumto, and everyone thinks I am a gambling, lazy, good-for-nothing drunk. More from the same Author: No reviews are available. Most Helpful Most Recent. The other review that said this work was horrible was completely and unequivocally wrong I enjoyed the transformations of Sumpto and his tale greatly.

His magic is real. Marvo grows up without knowing his parents, without knowing his heritage, without knowing much about life. The magicians have always been with us, since the beginning of civilisation. They fill our heads with the mist, keeping us from witnessing the stark reality of existence.

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But are things so bad that Marvo will bring it down on all of us, forever? Marvo begins to understand those around him, and his place in the world; he discovers that his remarkable powers can be put to good, or to evil.

First Contact d.o.o - Robin Hood:Thief of Barnsdale eBook / download / online id:n0hqgrd

He only has to chooseContact me for any questions: Mistification Audiobook by Kaaron Warren The map of everything you know, everything you are, everything you ever will be A novel of hard SF exploring the nature of identity both inherited and engineered, from one of Britain's most acclaimed new talents. In the near future, when medical nanotechnology has made it possible to map a model of the living human brain, radical psychologist Natalie Armstrong sees her work suddenly become crucial to a cutting-edge military project for creating comprehensive mind-control.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, Jude Westhorpe, FBI specialist, is tracking a cold war defector long involved in everything from gene sequencing to mind-mapping. But his investigation has begun to affect matters of national security - throwing Jude and Natalie together as partners in trouble - deep trouble from every direction. This fascinating novel explores the nature of humanity in the near future, when the power and potential of developing technologies demand that we adapt ourselves to their existence - whatever the price.

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Robson's considerable sense of humour lay in ambush, backed up by a postfeminist tendency to look the problem straight in the eye. Combined with a clean, powerful narrative drive and a cosmological sensibility, this clarity of vision now demonstrates itself as her major asset, making her one of the very best of the new British hard SF writers.

But it proves her identity too, moving her on, like the Forged themselves, into a space of her own choosing. Shortlisted for the Arthur C.

The Last King's Amulet

Clarke Award, this near-future SF thriller presents convincing characters caught in profound moral dilemmas brought home through exquisite attention to plot details and setting. Mappa Mundi Audiobook by Justina Robson A Children's Story for Grown-Ups is the tale of a little clockwork man and his search for the Maker and the cruel joke. Told by the narrator in a "sitting around the fireplace enjoying a warm cup of cocoa" sort of way, the listener embarks on a journey through a wondrous land inhabited by wondrous creatures.

Yet, the listener soon discovers that the wonder of these creatures is blanketed in a thick comforter of despair brought on by the cruelty of the joke.

The SnowRaven Chronicles: Thian Oil Audiobook by A J Spencer

Curl up in a comfy chair, dear listener - cocoa and cookies at the ready - and embark on this whimsical tale of discovery. And - if I may dare to speak - who knows what you may discover For the child in all of us. Contact me for any questions: Traveling the Gateways, he will befriend the eternal Guardians and stand against an ancient enemy. It is adventure on the high seas when the lady Snowraven sets sail to reclaim the fabled banner of the doomed expedition, lost long ago. But, she is soon entangled in the war of ideology that is reshaping the very fabric of her world - between those crea The Treasure of Okra-Bane.

The Treasure of Okra-Bane by A. Spencer, the 2nd installment in the SnowRaven Chronicles series. The lady SnowRaven sets out to claim the fabled treasure of Okra-Bane, hidden amongst the mysterious circle of stones - the ancie The SnowRaven Chronicles is feeling happy.

The lady Snowraven becomes entangled in a tempestuous industrial revolution that promises to liberate the bleak mountaintop kingdom of Arkel-nia from the dominance of the Vosharian - a race of cunning and cruel bio-luminescent insects who have drained th The SnowRaven Chronicles added 2 new photos. Spencer, Author of The Thol-ra. Join me in welcoming AJ Spencer back to the blog!