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Developing a unique mother-daughter bond that many only dream about. This book will touch a hidden nerve in everyone who reads it as it turns a world of convention and protocol upside-down! Connecting Dors Niema Ash. Touching Tibet Niema Ash. Tokyo, My Everest Gabrielle Bauer.

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Waltzing the Tango Gabrielle Bauer. Bloggat om Travels with My Daughter. Please tell us a little about yourself. Please enter your email address and click submit. An email with instructions on resetting your password will be sent to you. I've read this book. Tone Positive Negative Lighthearted Serious. Narrative Voice First person Third person Multiple persons.

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His first day on the job begins with a murder: Jonathan Dauntsey, son of the Major, willingly confesses to murdering his father. Bliss follows a trail of clues that lead him back in time to the point whe In Purity of Absence, Dave Margoshes explores love in its waxing and waning, the extravagance of its fullness, the agony of its departure. Like an explorer charting new territory, he casts his eye on the rhythms and syntax of love, observing its aspects both quotidian and rare. In Prime, Miranda Pearsons first collection of poetry, the narratives of female identity, the white wedding, and the enshrined position of the mother are interrogated, using the lyric as a form of cultural critique in an examination and mockery of romantic love and heterosexual relationships.

At the same time, the poems constitute an irreverent, lush romp, a celebration of friendship and absurdity. Gritty and darkly humorous, Pearsons verses address modern myths head-on in a world where love watches itself critically and consciously. Along the way, you find the right wrong boyfriends: The biggest surprise - and disappointment - that life holds is that it is over so fast. The golden tomorrow, to which most people usually women put off their hopes rarely appears. This is the lesson learned by Helen McLean in her memoir.

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Details from a Larger Canvas is about a woman with the expectations of her time and class heavy upon her shoulders; in short, she is supposed to be much the same woman as her Rosedale matron mother-in-law whose life was bound up in sets of rules and whose life had little expression except in the form of mater The news changed his life forever,bringing forth a saga that will give hope to not only Parkinsonians, but to people with chronic disease everywhere.

My Second Life is not a detailed road map or a set of instructions. Beginning with his diagnosis at the age of 37, this twenty-year journey covers diagnosis, denial, coping with work, early retirement, experimental Here, for the first time, is the quintessential selection of his best short fiction, culled from a prodigious career and 15 story collections. In these beautiful affecting stories, both bittersweet and hilarious, Rooke mines the rich and often turbulent field of domestic life, of relationships between men and women, and of the fragile dislocations of young children.

Included are classics such as The Birth Contr This entertaining and suspenseful debut introduces us to an unforgettable lead character. Jinnah, a politically incorrect but resourceful reporter, proves to Before becoming the oil capital of the nation, Calgary was a nineteenth-century boomtown in the heart of Alberta.

The roots of great prosperity were growing, despite the fact that politicians and the general public believed the West was best left to the trapper and trader. Nurtured by a sense of vision and the sweat of good old-fashioned hard work, Calgary grew, and has now blossomed into a world-class cosmopolitan city noted for its burgeoning oil and gas industry, its famed Calgary Zoo, and of course, the Stampede.

A Calgary Album is a sentim Jacque Plante, the first National Hockey League goalie to regularly wear protective facemask, was known for roving out of his net.

Born in Quebec, Emma Lajeunesse studied in Europe and in at the age of 23 launched her opera career in Italy. Almost overnight she became Albani, the world-renowned diva.

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On the first expedition he nearly starved and on the third he died. None of his men survived the third expedition, but the search for clues to their fate helped open up the North and his celebrated Canadian song and stories.

Dundurn Backlist Adult

Diefenbaker was prime minister of Canada from He believed in social justice, opening up the North, and making things better for western farmers. Canadians responded to his campaign call to "Follow John. Short-listed for the Award for Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research In the seventy years since , various organizations large and small, including several semi-private ones, have issued or re-issued various original 78 rpm recordings from original metal plates.

No comprehensive listing of these has ever before appeared; this is the first, and gathers together all the various information of ongoing interest. This is a most important addition to the record-collecting bibliography. Pierre Tourangeau captures a generation of young people who are rebelling, but above all, searching. And most of all, heraldry is Canadian! A Canadian Heraldic Primer dispels, once and for all, the myth that coats of arms are boring, snobbish, mediaeval holdovers that have no relevance today.

George Grants Lament for a Nation led some to call him a Red Tory and the dominant force behind the Canadian nationalist movement of the s.

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Today, reading George Grants books helps us to understand the full implications of American-led, technology-driven globalization on everyday life. Communications theorist Marshall McLuhan predicted the effects of electronic media on modern culture as early as McLuhan published several breakthrough books and coined terms like "hot" and "cool" media, "the global village," and "the medium is the message.

As a child she was "contrary,"as a young woman she defied convention to choose art over marriage, and as a middle-aged woman she was considered a full-blown eccentric. Listening to her own inner voice, Emily Carr created an art unique to British Columbia. A translator, fed up with translating paperback romances, undertakes the translation of the autobiography of a sadistic serial killer, Leonard Ming. She travels from Canada to Spain to do her work, encountering love and death in the seaside Andalusian town of Almunecar. A classic of Canadian erotica, this is the original restored edition of the flagellation story Glassco crafted for the notorious Paris publisher Maurice Girodias and his Olympia Press.

An artist cooks a Jamaican meal for her straying lover, thinking she might just have the one ingredient that will ensure he never leaves her.

Travels with My Daughter

A beautiful woman slips into the sea near her Jamaican home and disappears on the eve of a reunion with her Scottish fianc. A white law student and a black harlot do a sexual tango in a shanty with fatal results. With sublime poetic insight, Wendy McGrath takes us on a tour of everyday objects and events that celebrates what many of us take for granted. A refracted glimpse of a typical suburban couple is transmuted into a modern-day version of a wedding portrait by Jan van Eyck. Old brown boots lined with newspapers sum up the hard life of a construction worker.

Tupperware is no ordinary plastic in scattered snapshots from a single day in the life of an outwa The beginning of Owen Sound can be traced to the historical meeting, in a small forest clearing, between surveyor Charles Rankin and land agent John Telfer. The Port City begins with the Native Peoples of the area and moves through pioneer settlement to the creation of a city in this more northerly area of central Ontario. The influence of Georgian Bay and the beginning of marine commerce, combined with the coming of the railway, led to rapid industrial growth.

The memorable stories of interesting personalities, determined entr Meanwhile, in Toronto, Banting and other doctors work night and day to perfect insulin. Will they succeed in time to save Maggie and thousands of Not a day goes by in which the police do not figure prominently in the news.

Whether it be as investigators of a rural homicide, or as the subjects of a debate on police chases, the police are ever-present. These essays address such issues of public debate as police regional A commemoration of two significant dates, The Supreme Court of Canada and its Justices is also a colourful portrait and an indispensable reference book.

A bilingual co-publication of Dundurn Press and the Supreme Court of Canada, the book contains biographies, with portraits or photographs, of every Justice appointed to the Court since its inception. A succession list and a se A traveller becomes a gargoyle in an Italian Werther Acheson, the German director of a controversial psychiatric institute.

It is Ondine who is at the heart of this powerful probe of the human psyche. A historian, she is trying to complete her own research int The greatest human problem is that we are all born in the condemned cell. Money and medical science can extend the human lifespan significantly — perhaps up to one thousand years via cloning and cryogenics — but in the end, when the last medical miracle has been exhausted, Death still waits patiently for us.

The Final Mystery, Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe take their investigative skills to those last moments of life and beyond, exploring such puzzling topics as near-death and out-of-body experiences, reincarnation theories, hypno-re In Eleanor Powers was hung for a murder committed during a botched robbery. She was the first woman condemned to die in Canada, but would not be the last. In Uncertain Justice, Beverley Boissery and Murray Greenwood portray a cast of women characters almost as often wronged by the law as they have wronged society. Starting with the Powers trial and continuing to the not-too-distant past, the authors expose the patriarchal values that lie at the core of criminal law, and the class and gender biases that permeate its procedures and applicati Another freezing winter descends in seeming peace upon the Northern Ontario lake where realtor Belle Palmer lives genteelly with her dog, tropical fishes and classic film collection.