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Also used to control the trench due to inbred loyalty to what it symbolizes. None, Destroyed Former Wielders: A small eyeball sized sphere that enables spontaneous travel across the world. Ya'Wara Manacles of Force: Twin cuffs that when clashed together can create force fields or blast waves of incredible force. Prisoner of War Power Glove: Increases the amount of impact force behind every swing of ones punch, capable of shattering even mystical barriers.

Carl Peters Seal of Clarity: An omnilingual deciphering device that can translate anything into understandable stranslations.

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Could also be used to stabalize ones future sight Wielder: A simple golden lancet with which the chosen king of the seven seas would wield as a show of his authority and birthright to rule. An artifact found and utilized by then deposed councilmen Vulko in a dystopian future. The shield has the ability to resurrect the dead once upon an incantation being spoken.

Sunken Cities: the man who found Atlantis

This relic was utilized by the Legend to host his spirit into shells of lifeless armor. Procuring and odd form of longevity lasting him thousands of years.

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  • Strange metal found in shipwreck may be proof of Atlantis.
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Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. Professor Tusa said that they also found some Greek vases, a terracotta figure of the Goddess Demeter and some wood in the wreck. The shipwreck with the ingots was found 1, feet off shore of the town of Gela in the sourthern part of Sicily.

The metal found on the sea floor off Sicily above was found to be an alloy of copper, zinc, lead, nickle and iron. Statues like this one above from the sunken Egyptian city of Heracleion have recently been rediscovered by marine archaeologists, raising hopes that if Atlantis did ever exist then it may still be found under the sea.

Stand Alone Relics

However, some experts disagree about the composition of orichalcum. Enrico Mattievich, a former physics professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, believes the metal has its origins in the Chavin civilisation that developed in the Peruvian Andes in around 1, BC. He claims the metal alloy is made from copper, gold and silver. He claims that the discovery off the coast of Gela is not true orichalcum. Indeed in Ancient Rome, coins made from brass were also said to be made from orichalcum. Professor Tusa said that while he did not believe Atlantis existed, he found the idea of it appealing.

But I am happy if this story will continue to raise and feed our fantasy. There have been many locations around the world suggested as potential sites for the lost island of Atlantis. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

The Michelin-star restaurant leaving villagers boiling with rage: Ex-Masterchef star's eatery is keeping residents 'prisoners in their own homes' over parking and noise row. Does metal found in a 2,year-old shipwreck prove that Atlantis DID exist? Share this article Share.

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The Seven Treasures of Atlantis (Concept) - Comic Vine

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