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  2. First Timothy - Bishops and Deacons - Part 1
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This gospel has been preached and believed throughout the world. The fact that deacons must hold to the mysteries of the faith implies that they must be students of the Word of God. This is also true for faithful servants of God. One should think about us this way—as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Now what is sought in stewards is that one be found faithful.

Make every effort to present yourself before God as a proven worker who does not need to be ashamed, teaching the message of truth accurately. Servants must be faithful stewards of the mysteries of God. They must do their best to study and correctly handle those mysteries. Those are the servants that God approves. When our Master, Christ, returns, he will consider our stewardship of his mysteries.

Did we study them? Did we share them with others? These are qualities of faithful servants, whether official or unofficial. Deacons must not just be stewards of doctrine; they must be practitioners of it, as they keep a clear conscience v. They live out what they preach. If not, they would be hypocritical and push people away from God, rather than draw them near God. Paul gave similar instructions to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4: Persevere in this, because by doing so you will save both yourself and those who listen to you. Are you practicing it? Faithful servants hold fast to the truth and a clear conscience.

Unfaithful servants do not and therefore shipwreck their faith and others cf. Why is orthodoxy what one believes just as important as orthopraxy what one practices? How can we be faithful in both? The implication of this is that potential deacons have served the church for some time in an unofficial capacity and proved themselves faithful.

As with elders, the church is not, in a sense, choosing them, they are simply recognizing who God has chosen, as manifested by their works. Deacons excel in serving and therefore the church simply recognizes what God is doing through them. In actuality, we can hurt people by doing this. In talking about elders, Paul said if we put someone unprepared in the position he could fall into the judgment and trap of Satan 3: He could become prideful and therefore be judged by God or succumb to other temptations, as spiritual warfare increases with the position.

Before selecting deacons, they must be observed and found blameless in their previous service. It is worth noting that quite a few leaders mentioned in the Bible were first tested as servants. Joseph was a servant in Egypt for thirteen years before he became a second ruler in the land. Moses cared for sheep for forty years before God called him. Even our Lord Jesus came as a servant and labored as a carpenter; and the Apostle Paul was a tentmaker.

First a servant, then a ruler. Are you being a faithful servant right where you are? Only then can God give you more responsibility. What are some ways church members can get involved with serving in the church? In 1 Timothy 3: If not, they must be pure in their conduct with the opposite sex. Elders and deacons often counsel and minister to women. In those days, this was especially true with the widows and single women cf.

The Deacon's Wife (The Cherry Creek Trilogy Book 1)

For that reason, they needed to be pure in thought, word, and deed, lest they be tempted. Again, this is not only true about the spiritual leaders of the church. This is a characteristic of all faithful servants. They are striving to be holy in the area of purity in order to not stumble or cause others to. Whether single or married, they must wisely set boundaries with the opposite sex so that their conduct will not open doors to temptation or sin or be questioned by others.

Sexual impurity is a tremendous stronghold that destroys the witness and ministry of many Christians.

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What are some wise boundaries for ministering to and with the opposite sex? In addition, 1 Timothy 3: Therefore, one who is unfaithful with shepherding their children, caring for their wife, and other aspects of household management, will be unfaithful serving the church. No doubt, one of the major areas Christ will look at when judging the faithfulness of his servants is their family life. Did they train their children in the Lord?

Did they love them and provide for them? Were they faithful brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, husbands or wives? Sadly, many have bad priorities. They prioritize ministry, work, friendships, entertainment, and many other things before their family, and therefore, they will be found unfaithful before our Lord. Faithful servants care for their families first. Are you running your household well? Are you cultivating the faith of family?

Is your family first? Why is it so common for spiritual leadership to neglect their family for ministry? How can we avoid this sin? In what ways is God calling you to prioritize family ministry? Finally, Paul describes the rewards faithful deacons receive. What rewards do faithful deacons receive and what do they represent? What does this mean? It may even imply a promotion. Those who are faithful shall be blessed by God here on earth and in heaven.

It seems Paul is saying that as deacons faithfully serve God, they will gain great confidence and boldness in sharing their faith with others.

No doubt, we see both of these rewards in the narrative of the first deacons in Acts 6. Philip and Stephen were ordained to care for widows, but later on we see that Philip and Stephen both became powerful preachers and miracle workers Acts In fact, Stephen demonstrated tremendous boldness as he rebuked the Jews and the Sanhedrin—leading to his martyrdom Acts 7. Certainly, we see these rewards with Christ as well—the prototypical servant. He did not come to be served but to serve Mk He humbled himself and took the form of a servant Phil 2: On the earth, he served and sought the benefit of others and not his own.

He cared for the poor, the sick, and the marginalized, and ultimately died for all. And because of this, God gave him a name above every name. Christ humbled himself to serve others and God exalted him Phil 2: God fights against the proud but gives grace to the humble James 4: Are you humbling yourself to faithfully serve God and others? If so, God will reward you. In what ways should the prospect of reward encourage us to be more faithful in serving others? How have you experienced greater boldness in the faith, as a result of faithful service?

This novel is written in a straightforward, unembellished yet polished style I found pleasant to read. My mind's eye filled in the details based on characters I've known and places I've lived. This gave me the freedom to be part of the creative process.

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  • I really appreciated that. No spoilers, but suffice it to say some may pick this book up not expecting the reality check it offers. I'm very sensitive to any art that strives to be didactic. This book offers an open window and the chance for the reader to peek inside, judging for himself or herself what he or she sees.

    Reality can be harsh though.

    First Timothy - Bishops and Deacons - Part 1

    I don't need a happy ending to enjoy a good book, but I do like some sweet redemption to cleanse the palate and help balance out any bitterness. This book comes through in spades. It took some bravery to pen this in my opinion. I'm eager for the rest of the trilogy.

    Sep 29, Donna rated it it was amazing. Excellent Great character development. I found myself visualizing the characters as if I was watching a play. Looking forward to the remainder of the trilogy. Jun 26, Mona Sheets rated it it was amazing. The Deacon's Wife I bought this book originally because I had gone to school with the author and was curious about her writing.

    The OTHER Deacon's Wife

    I was blown away. I started this late Saturday evening and read late into the night. If we cannot have elders and deacons like that, then we are better to have none at all, and to remain wanting until men like that can be found. Some think that this verse should be accepted as authority for having women as deacons in the church. They tie this verse with Romans It is suggested that "servant" here should read "deaconess". However, there is no pressure from the context to make this interpretation.

    So it remains a speculation or an assumption, and that is no authority. In verse 12, the Greek says, "Let those who serve be men of one woman". It is clear from the context that "Those who serve" means servants of a special kind.

    See a Problem?

    Many people serve in the church without being the man of one woman. It is also clear from the context that "woman" means wife, because it occurs in the phrase "men of one woman" which obviously means "husbands of one wife". Coming back to verse 11 the translator has to decide whether to use the word "women" or "wives" or "deaconesses" here. Bishops and Deacons —1Timothy 3: Believing Children Paul told Titus that an elder must have "children who believe" or in some translations "faithful children" Titus 1: The Missing Deacons Paul gives Timothy instructions about both elders and deacons, but we do not find any mention of deacons in the instructions to Titus.