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Ways to Save Money on Groceries Without Coupons

  1. How to Save Money on Food Without Clipping Coupons
  2. How to Save Up to 50% on Groceries Without Clipping a Single Coupon
  3. Name brands aren't always better.
  4. How to Save Money on Food without Clipping Coupons
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How to Save Money on Food Without Clipping Coupons

Even if you are not cooking up that item for dinner, you can freeze it for a later date. When you have a large family, a club membership will often pay for itself on a few trips. Many staple items like butter, cheese, milk, eggs, fresh fruit and other produce, yogurts, juice, meats, and more are worth purchasing at the club store.

For bulk, pantry items, specialty diets, and organic specialty ingredients we love Thrive Market. A store card provides an immediate discount when the card is scanned upon check out. Most stores have a points system and members-only discounts that are only applied by using the card. The great thing about the voucher is that it can be used on the entire purchase, not just an individual item. Of course, you only earn the vouchers when you have your own card.

The only drawback of a CSA box for most families is the lack of ability to plan food ahead of time since you never know what you are going to get in your box. One of the best things to ensure that the produce that is consumed gets eaten is to wash and prep as much of it as you can when you bring it home from the grocery. This way, fresh fruits, and vegetables are available and ready to eat when you want them.

How to Save Up to 50% on Groceries Without Clipping a Single Coupon

What are your favorite tips to save on shopping for groceries without using coupons? I work hard in my kitchen so you don't have to. I'm obsessed with tacos and coffee -not always in that order. View all posts by MOMables - Laura. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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How to save on groceries without clipping coupons! Part II

Do you want to feed your family real food? Are you concerned that it's too…. Mango Madness Baby Food Recipe. Whenever items are on sale, they may sell out before you have a chance to buy them. If you find this at your store, visit customer service and get a rain check. Then come back the next week, when the item is back in stock, and still get it at that super low price just check with your store as not all items are eligible for rain checks.

Before you pick up any item to add it to your cart, check the price of different package sizes. More importantly, check the per unit price. Sometimes, it can be less expensive if you purchase a larger item — or — even if you by two smaller ones that happen to be on sale. Make a mental note of the prices of the items you find on sale or even snap a photo with your phone. As they are scanned, watch to make sure that the proper sales price is reflected as sometimes, there are glitches and prices are not reduced as they should be.

Find the largest cut of meat you can and then ask the butcher to cut it for you! They can make hamburger, steaks, roasts — etc! While clipping coupons before you to go the store may not be ideal for you, there are some ways you can actually save on food — just by shopping smarter! When there is a good deal at your store, it can be tempting to overbuy. But, if you have to throw away food that spoils, then it is not such a great deal after all. No one likes, them, but throwing out leftover meals really costs you. If you are bad about consuming leftovers, then prepare less food. Only cook what your family will eat for dinner that night, so you have little to no waste.

Name brands aren't always better.

Keep those items that may go bad more quickly where you see them — so they can be eaten. When you, shop, it is easy to just slide the new boxes into your pantry, which sends older items to the back. This can mean dried out, stale and even expired foods. Make sure to rotate items so that you always have the oldest foods to the front — so you can use them.

It is tempting to buy this for your family. If you do want it, stick with the liters as you only pour what you need into a glass and will have less waste vs. You can reuse them over and over again, and will end up saving more than you would spend on paper napkins. They are so easy to use, but can really kill your grocery budget. Buy reusable water bottles and fill them yourself. If you want your water really cold, fill your bottle half way with water and freezer overnight. Another way to save is to skip the packaged snacks and do it yourself. We created a snack basket and that is what we do.

I buy a larger box of the snacks that the kids want and then repackage them into the amount I want for them to eat. I have better portion control and save money at the same time. If you shop at Walmart, this app can easily save you money. When you buy the items you need, the app searches local stores to see if they have the same item at a lower price.

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  • How to Save Money on Groceries.

If they find something, the app will add the difference to your account — without you having to do a thing! The Ibotta app is one that pays you back for buying certain items at the store. You find what it is you want to buy and then follow the instructions to add and even increase the amount of cash back you can get.

Once you buy, scan your receipt and the rebate will be deposited to your account.

How to Save Money on Food without Clipping Coupons

Some stores offer digital offers to customers. Many offer digital coupons that you can find right on your phone.

No clipping needed — just show your phone. As a follower of their page, I just have to show the image to the cashier and I can instantly save. This app works in the same way as Ibotta — but with different offers. Learn more about Checkout If you do your grocery shopping at big box stores, such as Target or Walmart, you can buy gift cards at discount at Gift Card Granny. When you shop with cash, you can never overspend. It is just impossible. If using cash is too much of a stretch, opt for one of the virtual envelope apps instead.

One such app is ProActive as you can still use plastic to shop, but you can still not overspend! Skip some of the produce at the store by growing it yourself. If you can, create a neighborhood garden where everyone can plant different foods and you all can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sometimes, warehouse stores will offer a better discount when you buy in bulk. Just make sure you know the price per unit you pay at your regular store before you jump in and buy.

Then, break out the larger item into the sizes you will consume as a family i. While convenient, baggies can really take a toll on your weekly grocery bill. Instead, invest in reusable containers to store your leftovers and open foods. Wash it out, and let it dry and use again. Most baggies are durable enough to be used again and again. You not only cut out the middleman the grocery store , you get the chance to support local growers in your city.

When it comes to non-perishable items, go online.

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Many times retailers such as Amazon , will have online coupons that you can use to lower your cost even further and you have the added bonus of it being delivered right to your front door. Your local grocery store may also offer online shopping services , which may even include delivery right to your front door! Before you head out to shop, make sure you know exactly how much you have in your weekly grocery budget — and then stick to it!

One thing I love to do is challenge myself. It is fun to play this game against myself where I try to save as much as I can each week. Then, I take the leftover budgeted money and put it aside for birthdays and holidays. Use a local delivery or pick up service to save money. There are two ways that this will actually save money. When you walk through the store, you will often add extra items to your cart.