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  1. Children buy back beloved Ford Mustang dad sold to pay mom's cancer bills 17 years ago
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She didn't really like any of them, but I loved them all. Whenever I would hear her complain about wearing a hat, I would snatch it off her head and put it on mine, observing myself in the mirror:. Even so, she always wore something when she went out. But even with the effects of her disease so apparent, what was hurting my mom never bothered me. For the most part, my daily routine went unchanged. Sometimes that meant sleeping, but more often she was awake and ready to hear about my day.

Children buy back beloved Ford Mustang dad sold to pay mom's cancer bills 17 years ago

When my dad came home we all had dinner together, then had family time—me reading Harry Potter out loud or us all watching Nick at Night—before going to bed. No chronically absent parents. No extra burden placed on me and my siblings.

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Granted, my brother and sister were probably too young to do much. But I was 12, and a mature 12 at that.

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I should have grasped what was going on and been more helpful to my parents. I just continued living as I had before cancer entered our lives. I was a middle school girl wrapped up in my own world. During the year and a half that my mom was undergoing treatment, I became a teenager, started shaving my legs, found my first boyfriend, and mapped out my future as an interior designer. I was very focused on me. It didn't bother me that mom was going to the hospital—as long as there was someone around to drive me to my friend's house.

I wasn't concerned when my dad took us on vacation while she stayed home—I was excited to go to camp! They wanted a normal childhood for me and my siblings.

They preferred that we decorate mannequin heads and parade our brother through the house wearing a woman's wig. They wanted us to laugh, and they wanted to laugh right along with us. I don't think they wanted cancer to infect our lives, too.

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  • At the time, I wished that it had. I thought that if it had been more traumatic I could have gained something from it. Maybe a better understanding of the bad things in the world would help me really appreciate the good. Or maybe the idea of not having one of my loved ones around would help me treasure all the time I have with them. And if I had learned all these things through a traumatic experience with cancer, I could write a damned good application essay about it.

    And I realized that I never needed a dramatic story with a moral at the ending. Aside from the main characters, there are several secondary characters who appear several times, most notably the author's stepdad and his mother's head doctor.

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    The story is divided into chapters, each one containing several multipanel pages. Although the webcomic is mostly presented in black and white, several chapters are done in full or partial color, primarily for effect or when color helps the understanding of the ideas that are presented.

    In total, there are thirty-three chapters, including an epilogue. Fies noted on his website that medical professionals were using his story for their work. The webcomic was published as a graphic novel by Harry N.

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    Abrams in March Fies wrote the chapter webcomic A Fire Story in , recounting the devastation caused by California wildfires , due to which he lost his home. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Graphic Novels and Comics in Libraries and Archives.