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Moving Items on a List

  1. Adding Items
  2. QuickBooks on Demand – Full Color Guide | Expert QuickBooks Help
  3. Great Sale on QuickBooks Pro 2012 – Remember QuickBooks 2009 to Sunset in May

Adding Items

Read below more for details about the service discontinuation or sunsetting of QuickBooks and details on sales for QuickBooks Click here to see the sale prices at Costco. This means Quickbooks will no longer be supported and the following features will no longer work: According to the Service Discontinuation Policy i. Especially if you can get it at a great price as mentioned above.

QuickBooks Online 2018 Tutorial: Getting Started - The Basics in 25 Minutes!

When you open it in it will ask if you want to update the file — you click ok. I assume the version also has the capability of creating a new file with only updated data from the last year — thus deleting old lists and freeing-up precious list space. You can modify the descriptions on your invoice forms if necessary.

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For a service item, enter the number of hours charged to this job in the Amount column; the total amount for the invoice is calculated automatically. Next, click the line under Installation and click the drop-down arrow that appears. Select Repairs from the list and then enter the appropriate number of hours.

QuickBooks on Demand – Full Color Guide | Expert QuickBooks Help

If a specific rate does not appear, enter the hourly rate you want to charge for these repairs. Modify the description if necessary. See All Related Store Items. Important Be careful when selecting an item type.

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Types of Items QuickBooks gives you the option of creating ten types of items. Any items that you create must fit into one of these ten categories: Service— Labor charges and professional fees. Payment— Money received that reduces the amount owed on an invoice. Inventory part— Merchandise your company purchases, keeps in stock, and resells.

Noninventory part— Products you sell but do not normally keep in stock or products you do not purchase such as livestock that you raised or food dishes that you prepared. Group— A group of related items that are saved as one item. Typically you sell the entire group as a whole, but you can also reserve the option to sell pieces of the group individually.

Great Sale on QuickBooks Pro 2012 – Remember QuickBooks 2009 to Sunset in May

Choosing to do so makes your job a bit more efficient. The invoice form that appears on your screen might vary slightly from the one shown here, depending on the standard type of invoice you chose for your company in the EasyStep Interview.

You can also open an invoice by clicking the Invoices icon on the Home page.