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The figure was up from 50 last year. Nationwide, 3, letter carriers have been bitten this year, up 15 percent over last year. It was the second pit bull mauling in Southern California in two days. The boy underwent three hours of surgery to repair facial and head wounds and was expected to recover. A pet python chokes Aurora man before help arrives. A foot, pound Burmese python wrapped itself around the neck of its owner Sunday so tightly he couldn't breathe.

It took seven firefighters and two police officers to uncoil the snake. And though they hide themselves in the top of Carmel, I will search and take them out thence; and though they be hid from my sight in the bottom of the sea, thence will I command the SERPENT, and he shall bite them.

Fire and Clay

Hundreds of sharks were sighted this week off central Florida's west coast, prompting officials to warn swimmers and scientists to ponder what is luring them here. Bull sharks, hammerheads and nurse sharks were spotted by sheriff's marine patrols in Gulf of Mexico waters off Pasco County, northwest of Tampa, officials said Tuesday. According to The International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History, there were 79 confirmed cases of unprovoked shark attack on humans worldwide last year, compared to 58 in More than two-thirds of the attacks occurred in North American waters.

Darwin, Australia - A young girl escaped from the jaws of an 8-foot crocodile when her little brother distracted the beast by grabbing its tail, their father said Tuesday. Saltwater crocodiles live in waterways throughout Australia's tropical north. The reptiles have been protected in Australia since the early s and their numbers have burgeoned South African conservationists are baffled by the behavior of a herd of elephants which appeared to raid an enclosure on a private game reserve "deliberately" to release a group of antelope captured by rangers as part of a relocation and breeding program.

Fearing attacks by wild elephants, pregnant women of the east Indian state of Jharkhand are climbing trees to give birth to their babies. In the past two months, in the district of Dumka, at least a dozen pregnant women have delivered their babies on platforms built on treetops. Days before Sonia was to deliver her baby, her husband sensing trouble, built a platform on a tree about 7m above the ground. One night wild elephants attacked their village.

He managed to take Sonia to the treetop platform moments before the rampaging elephants knocked down the mud wall of their house and raided their paddy stock. Elephants too are fond of this beer. Now we know why it is called the district of "Dumka". A year-old businesswoman is in a coma after she was trampled by a herd of cows. It is thought the herd, which included a number of young calves, felt threatened by her barking pet and attacked. She was knocked unconscious and tossed in the air as the cows attacked. The animals only backed off when a nearby farmer, who had heard the commotion, ran at them before carrying the woman to safety.

She was taken to the Cumberland Royal Infirmary at Carlisle with head and chest injuries. Her condition deteriorated and she was later transferred to Newcastle General Hospital for emergency brain surgery. Although still unconscious and in intensive care, her condition is thought to be improving. A squirrel which attacked six people in Knutsford has been shot dead by the grandfather of one of the victims. It had been known to jump on to passers-by and scratch at them with its teeth and claws.

But a man has now hunted it down to a place near to where the two-year-old was attacked and shot it with an air rifle. The final straw came when the animal attacked two-year-old child as she took a walk with her mother. The girl stopped to admire the squirrel before it pounced on her face and sank its teeth into her forehead. Her mother had to pin the girl to the floor and pull the animal off her face. The youngster was left bleeding heavily from a deep gash. People living in the town were reported to be living in fear following numerous unprovoked attacks by the grey squirrel.

Man-eating wolves have killed six children in a forested part of northern India over the last two weeks. The pack was chased out of a neighboring area where they killed seven people and wounded more than a dozen. The six children, aged two to six, were attacked after nightfall while sleeping in the courtyards of their mud huts. An Australian beach lifeguard has told of his ordeal after a crocodile chased him while he was paddling his kayak.

He spotted the crocodile in the water coming at him through the waves. He was pursued by the reptile for about 40 metres at the Beach, Darwin.

I thought it was going to appear from under my kayak and have a go, but luckily it didn't surface again. I was running out of puff but just kept paddling madly. I think I'm a pretty fit and strong person but I just couldn't pull away from it during the chase," he said. I'm just lucky the wind and a small swell were in my favor.

Jogger has close call with cougar chasing dog on Ladysmith trail

Peter Carter was bitten in the face and head by an English bull terrier which leapt up at him moments after he left his house in Bolton. According to the news the grandfather lashed out at the dog with his walking stick after being knocked to the ground, but it continued to clamp its jaws on to his face. Witnesses said at one point he was dragged along the floor. Neighbours rushed to his aid after hearing his screams for help. He was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital for plastic surgery, but died of a heart attack 24 hours after the operation. It's not known why the dog attacked him.

The pet has since been put down. Friend, If you are saved you can really thank God that you will not be on the earth during the tribulation period. I am just as good as you are Jesus. I have never sinned. Now, if you are truly honest with yourself, you know that somewhere, somehow you have sinned. Not of works, lest any man should boast. He paid for your sins on the cross.

That is why He is called the Saviour. You cannot save yourself by good works; baptism, church attendance, sacraments, going to confession; giving money, praying to Mary and the saints, or trying to live a good life. In order to be saved, you must completely put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

The most important decision that you will make in this life will be that of either trusting or rejecting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Don't take a chance!

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Call on God now! You might not be alive tomorrow! Please note the following that will take place in the tribulation - Peace taken, global war, Rev. Famine, a day's food for a day's wages Rev. Earthquakes, sun darkened, stars fall Rev. Many will die from bitter poisoned waters Rev. Sun smitten, affecting light and temperatures Rev. More great earthquakes and great hail Rev. Malignant sores plague all the unsaved Rev. All in the seas will die Rev. Men scorched with fire and great heat Rev. Men gnaw tongues due to pain and sores Rev. Greatest earthquake since men on the earth Rev.

Cities throughout the world will crumble Rev. Every island and mountain will disappear Rev. On April 14, , police fatally shot a cougar on the north side of Chicago , Illinois. In Tennessee , no confirmed sightings had been made since the early s.

The first confirmed sighting in a century was made on September 20, , in Obion county in the north-western corner of West Tennessee. Six days later, and about 35 miles to the southeast, a hair sample was found in Carroll County. DNA analysis revealed that it was from a female genetically similar to South Dakota cougars. Since then there have been at least eight additional confirmed sightings in the state; all were immediately east of the Tennessee River in Middle Tennessee: The cougar's total breeding population is estimated at less than 50, by the IUCN, with a declining trend.

In Oregon , a healthy population of 5, was reported in , exceeding a target of 3, With the increase of human development and infrastructure growth in California, the North American Cougar populations are becoming more isolated from one another. Aside from humans, no species preys upon mature cougars in the wild, although conflicts with other predators or scavengers occur. Of the three large predators in Yellowstone National Park — the grizzly bear , gray wolf , and cougar — the massive grizzly bear appears dominant, often but not always able to drive both the gray wolf pack and the cougar off their kills.

In general, cougars are subordinate to black bears when it comes to kills and when bears are most active, the cats take prey more frequently and spend less time feeding on each kill.

Unlike several subordinate predators from other ecosystems, cougars do not appear to take advantage of spatial or temporal refuges to avoid their competitors. The gray wolf and the cougar compete more directly for prey, mostly in winter. Packs of wolves can steal cougars' kills and occasionally kill the cat. One report describes a large pack of 7 to 11 wolves killing a female cougar and her kittens. Preliminary research in Yellowstone , for instance, has shown displacement of the cougar by wolves. A lot of times a big cougar will kill a wolf, but the pack phenomenon changes the table.

Both species are capable of killing mid-sized predators, such as bobcats and coyotes , and tend to suppress their numbers. In the southern portion of its range, the cougar and jaguar share overlapping territory. As with any predator at or near the top of its food chain , the cougar impacts the population of prey species.

Predation by cougars has been linked to changes in the species mix of deer in a region. For example, a study in British Columbia observed that the population of mule deer, a favored cougar prey, was declining while the population of the less frequently preyed-upon white-tailed deer was increasing. In the southern part of South America, the puma is a top level predator that has controlled the population of guanaco and other species since prehistoric times.

A pumapard is a hybrid animal resulting from a union between a puma and a leopard. Whether born to a female puma mated to a male leopard or to a male puma mated to a female leopard, pumapards inherit a form of dwarfism. Those reported grew to only half the size of the parents. They have a puma-like long body proportional to the limbs, but nevertheless shorter than either parent , but short legs.

The coat is variously described as sandy, tawny or greyish with brown, chestnut or "faded" rosettes. In the United States east of the Mississippi River , the only unequivocally known cougar population is the Florida panther. With the taxonomic uncertainty about its existence as a subspecies as well as the possibility of eastward migration of cougars from the western range, the subject remains open. This uncertainty has been recognized by Canadian authorities. The Canadian federal agency called Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada rates its current data as "insufficient" to draw conclusions regarding the eastern cougar's survival and its website says that "despite many sightings in the past two decades from eastern Canada, there are insufficient data to evaluate the taxonomy or assign a status to this cougar.

The cougar is also protected across much of the rest of its range. The cat had no reported legal protection in Ecuador , El Salvador, and Guyana. Although cougars are protected from all hunting in the Yukon ; hunting is permitted in every U. Texas is the only U.

In Texas, cougars are listed as nuisance wildlife and any person holding a hunting or a trapping permit can kill a cougar regardless of the season, number killed, sex or age of the animal. Conservation work in Texas is the effort of a non-profit organization, Balanced Ecology Inc. The cougar cannot be legally killed without a permit in California except under very specific circumstances, such as when a cougar is in act of pursuing livestock or domestic animals, or is declared a threat to public safety.

Conservation threats to the species include persecution as a pest animal, environmental degradation and habitat fragmentation , and depletion of their prey base. Wildlife corridors and sufficient range areas are critical to the sustainability of cougar populations. As few as one to four new animals entering a population per decade markedly increases persistence, highlighting the importance of habitat corridors. The grace and power of the cougar have been widely admired in the cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The Inca city of Cusco is reported to have been designed in the shape of a cougar, and the animal also gave its name to both Inca regions and people.

The Moche people represented the puma often in their ceramics. To the Apache and Walapai of Arizona , the wail of the cougar was a harbinger of death. Several college sports teams, such as Brigham Young University and the University of Houston , as well as some high schools, have chosen the cougar as their mascot. The University of Vermont also uses the mascot, but uses the term "catamount" instead of cougar, as is common in the region where the school is located.

During the early years of ranching, cougars were considered on par with wolves in destructiveness. According to figures in Texas in , 86 calves 0. In both reports, sheep were the most frequently attacked. Some instances of surplus killing have resulted in the deaths of 20 sheep in one attack.

Coyotes also typically bite the throat but the work of a cougar is generally clean, while bites inflicted by coyotes and dogs leave ragged edges.

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The size of the tooth puncture marks also helps distinguish kills made by cougars from those made by smaller predators. Remedial hunting appears to have the paradoxical effect of increased livestock predation and complaints of human-puma conflicts. In a study the most important predictor of puma problems were remedial hunting of puma the previous year. Remedial hunting enables younger males to enter the former territories of the older animals. Due to the expanding human population , cougar ranges increasingly overlap with areas inhabited by humans.

Attacks on humans are very rare, as cougar prey recognition is a learned behavior and they do not generally recognize humans as prey. Attacks are most frequent during late spring and summer, when juvenile cougars leave their mothers and search for new territory. Between and , in North America there were 53 reported, confirmed attacks on humans, resulting in 48 nonfatal injuries and 10 deaths of humans the total is greater than 53 because some attacks had more than one victim.

Within North America, the distribution of attacks is not uniform. The heavily populated state of California has seen a dozen attacks since after just three from to , including three fatalities. As with many predators, a cougar may attack if cornered, if a fleeing human stimulates their instinct to chase, or if a person " plays dead ". Standing still may cause the cougar to consider a person easy prey. Fighting back with sticks and rocks, or even bare hands, is often effective in persuading an attacking cougar to disengage.

When cougars do attack, they usually employ their characteristic neck bite, attempting to position their teeth between the vertebrae and into the spinal cord. Neck, head, and spinal injuries are common and sometimes fatal. The same study showed the highest proportion of attacks to have occurred in British Columbia , particularly on Vancouver Island where cougar populations are especially dense. There have sometimes been incidents of pet cougars mauling people. Research on new wildlife collars may be able to reduce human-animal conflicts by predicting when and where predatory animals hunt.

This may save the lives of humans, pets, and livestock as well as the lives of these large predatory mammals that are important to the balance of ecosystems. Pumas in the Southern cone of America — often called Argentine cougars by North Americans — are reputed to be extremely reluctant to attack man; in legend, they defended people against jaguars. Hudson, citing anecdotal evidence from hunters, claimed that pumas were positively inhibited from attacking people, even in self-defense.

In fact, attacks on humans, although exceedingly rare, have occurred. An early, authenticated, non-fatal case occurred near Lake Viedma , Patagonia in when a female mauled the Argentine scientist Francisco P. Moreno ; Moreno afterwards showed the scars to Theodore Roosevelt. In this instance, however, Moreno had been wearing a guanaco -hide poncho round his neck and head as protection against the cold; [] in Patagonia the guanaco is the puma's chief prey animal. Forensic analysis found specimens of the child's hair and clothing fibers in the animal's stomach.

Despite prohibitory signs, coatis are hand-fed by tourists in the park, causing unnatural approximation between cougars and humans. This particular puma had been raised in captivity and released into the wild. Claw incisions, which severed a jugular vein, indicated that the attacker was a felid, ruling out other possible perpetrators. Fatal attacks by other carnivores such as feral dogs can be misattributed to pumas without appropriate forensic knowledge. Edit this page Read in another language Cougar. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 15 September For other uses, see Cougar disambiguation and Mountain lion disambiguation.

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