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Beer is available in this event as a supplementary beverage. But due to certain laws of land, it can not be distributed as samples; yet one can relish the local beer through the drink coupon that are available in the venue.

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This festival gives the opportunity for a face to face interaction between the exhibitors and spectators. Moreover, the workshops that takes place in this gala event features celebrity chefs to offers tips on how to put the edge on your home cooked dish. And the colorful program makes room for some other activities and entertainment shows.

The rising popularity and success of this fiesta is evident from the number of visitors who came and spent considerable amount of money last year. Pricing on the above mentioned e-book titles were calculated on costs related to book cover designs and converting text documents into multiple e-reader formats: PDF Adobe Acrobat editions of the same books are priced slightly higher because of the inclusion of recipe indexes and graphics.

Cookbooks and Food Culture Shortlist

Our freely available article Tamales was also incorporated into the e-book Mexican Cantina. However, the entire text in Mexican Cantina is not freely available. The Polish word for kitchen is "kuchnia," not "kuchina. While deciding on a title for Polish Kuchina last year, I opted to create a single variation of the Polish words Kuchnia "kitchen" and kuchenka "cooker".

Hopefully I didn't offend anyone of Polish descent, but my only intention was to use a catchy title for the book. More book title explanations follow in the next question.

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Why do some of the books in Food Fare's Culinary Collection have strange titles? For example, what does "Vivers" mean as part of Scottish Vivers? The staff at Food Fare try to fashion titles that relate to the specific content of each book, with particular emphasis on food and cooking. When possible, we like to use words in the native tongue of the country represented.

When native words are difficult to pronounce, we use general words based in different languages which represent food, cooking and culture.

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Based on French gastronomie and Greek Gastronomia. Latin form of cibare. Needless to say, we have a bit of fun coming up with interesting, relevant and catchy titles for the books in Food Fare's Culinary Collection.


How does Food Fare go about writing books in the Culinary Collection? You will earn Fancy credits when they complete a purchase.

Stockholm Food & Beverage Show (Det Goda Koket) 2018

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