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This original book gives a timely exploration of the importance of sibling relationships from a multi-disciplinary perspective. It presents for the first time an account of the work on brothers and sisters by Sigmund Freud, Melanie Klein and Anna Freud, whose pioneering and vital work on sibling….

Thinking Space was set up to develop the capacity of staff and trainees at the Tavistock Clinic to think about racism, and other forms of hatred toward difference in ourselves and others. Drawing on Bion's distinction between 'knowing' and 'knowing about', the latter of which can be a…. Adamo , Margaret Rustin. Observing young children at play is an everyday and often fascinating and pleasurable experience for many of us. It also has a great pedigree in the development of psychoanalysis from Freud's observation of his grandson's game with the cotton-reel onwards.

This book describes the practice of…. In the course of addressing the challenges of conducting assessment consultations in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, this book engages with many technical as well as theoretical issues.

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It includes chapters on the history of psychoanalytic approaches to assessing patients, assessments within a public…. This book centres on the problem of psychosis, understood from a psychoanalytic perspective, as it manifests itself in different contexts and different levels of organisation: In this book the authors view perversions, not in terms of specific behaviours, but as a type of blueprint for object relations. While perversions may involve a quest for excitement through sex, drugs or gambling, for…. This title is based on the results of a project based at the Tavistock Clinic in London which set out to explore whether children and young people aged nine years to fifteen years suffering from depression could be helped using brief focused psychodynamic psychotherapy together with parent work and….

The shape of the arc that we follow, involving growth and development with eventual decline, is something that we might all like to influence. It has been argued that the same basic curve, however, is…. This book is about children in State care and its title - Waiting to be Found - is derived from an observation about such children by the child psychotherapist Hamish Canham. In one of his early papers Canham wrote that children's homes often reminded him of "station waiting rooms with children….

Children and young people spend a great deal of their time in schools and other education settings. Consequently those working in such contexts have a huge impact and influence on the development, experiences and thinking of the children and young people with whom they interact. Clinicians, managers and researchers - as well as politicians and religious leaders - are worrying about a lack of compassion and humanity in the care of vulnerable people in society. In this book The author explores the dynamics of care. He argues that we know how to do it, but somehow we seem to….

Psychoanalysis began with the treatment of individuals and in its early days attended to the conflict between the individuals wishes and society. By Elizabeth Bradley , Louise Emanuel.

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This volume is the result of over twenty years of therapeutic interventions with families within the Tavistock Clinic's Under Fives Service. It describes in detail the process of understanding young children's communications and behaviour and the dynamics of family relationships within the…. By Jonathan Bradley , Margeret Rustin.

Work Discussion brings together a combination of close observation of, and personal and interpersonal responses to, the minutiae of the work setting and its dynamics, both internal and external. Such a model depends on the development of hard-won capacities, and the descriptions offered here, both….

Eating disorders vary in severity from developmental difficulties in adolescence which may be transitory, to serious and chronic mental illnesses. The Anorexic Mind offers a coherent approach to these difficult and demanding problems, always underlining the point that while many of the…. Looking into Later Life aims to bring alive the relevance and value of psychoanalytic concepts in supporting the core role of those working directly in services for people who are older. It does not aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the whole field of either old age or psychoanalysis, but….

This book offers a psychoanalytic perspective on learning and teaching and on many of the issues which preoccupy those who work in educational institutions. It looks at the origins of learning in childrens early relationships and at factors which help and hinder the educational process in later…. Creating New Families is intended to reflect the practice of the specialist, multi-disciplinary Fostering and Adoption team in the Child and Family Department of the Tavistock Clinic.

The team is firmly rooted in an approach which values inter-disciplinary working for the contribution which the…. Which 'forms of feeling' are facilitated and which discouraged within the cultures and structures of modern state welfare? This book illuminates the social and psychic dynamics of these new public cultures of welfare, locating them in relation to our understanding of borderline states of mind in…. The author has been a leading figure internationally in the fields of organizational consultancy and group relations for many years.

Robert French and Russ Vince have gathered together, for the first time, his key writings in this area. This is essential reading for managers and leaders, as well as….

The Anorexic Mind - Marilyn Lawrence - Google Книги

Primary care and psychotherapy are in some ways worlds apart. Yet both deal with the same human fundamentals: This innovative book looks at how psychotherapists can make use of their skills in primary care. This is the first book on the psychoanalytic treatment of children, young people and adults with Asperger's syndrome. It includes multi-disciplinary contributions on psychiatric perspectives and psychological theories of the condition. There is an overview of relevant psychoanalytic theory, and….

This title consists of a diverse series of contributions and reflections on couples and the Oedipus complex from leading psychotherapists and psychoanalysts in the couples field. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a new development in the treatment of people with learning disabilities and mental health problems, which traditionally has utilised behavioural management and limited counselling.

The papers collected here have evolved from the work of the pioneering Learning…. By David Armstrong , Clare Huffington. The chapters contributed to this book have been written by the staff and associates of The Tavistock Consultancy Service, whose distinctive competence is in the human dimension of enterprise and the dynamics of the workplace. The intention is to identify and explore some of the key themes that have…. This book explores some of the ways in which an understanding of poetry, and the poetic impulse, can be fruitfully informed by psychoanalytic ideas.

It could be argued that there is a particular affinity between poetry and psychoanalysis, in that both pay close attention to the precise meanings of…. Sent Before My Time is an exploration of the workings of a neo natal intensive care unit from a child psychotherapist's point of view.

It examines the relationships between the babies, the parents and the staff. Inside Lives belongs to the heart of the thinking and working of the Tavistock Clinic.

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Its aim is to bring psychoanalytic theory to life, to make it accessible to a much wider range of readers, both lay and professional, than would normally be familiar with this kind of approach. In the simplest of…. Surviving Space is a collection of papers on infant observation and related issues by contemporary experts in the field, commemorating the centenary of Esther Bick and the unique contribution she has made to psychoanalytic theory.

Tavistock Clinic Series

As part of the prestigious Tavistock Clinic Series, this is an…. Revised edition with additional chapter. This book, from the Tavistock Clinic Series, is about what follows the breakdown in functioning, either short or longer-term, provoked by a traumatic event. The authors offer a psychoanalytical understanding of the meaning of the trauma for an individual,…. This book brings the insights of psychoanalysis to bear on drama in the western dramatic tradition. Plays which are discussed in detail include works by Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekhov, Wilde, and Beckett among others.

The authors seek to show that the subtle understanding of conscious and unconscious…. This volume addresses the complexities involved in attending to the mental health of refugees. It covers theory and research as well as clinical and field applications, emphasising the psychotherapeutic perspective.

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It explores the delicate balance between accepting the resilience of refugees…. This book describes an approach to children and young people who might be helped by child psychotherapy. Attention is paid to factors within the child's personality, to strengths and impediments in the developmental process, and to the family and wider school and community context.

Through her numerous books and papers in learned journals, Hanna Segal has made contributions that have profoundly influenced contemporary psychoanalytic thinking. This influence extends far beyond the world of psychoanalysis per se: Based on the wealth of experience gathered in the forty years of the life of the Adolescent Department at the Clinic, this covers a full range of clinical work with some of the most difficult areas of adolescence, but it also gives a conceptual framework of normal adolescence and traces the….

Part of the Tavistock Clinic Series, this book focuses on narrative and stories in Family Systems Therapy - particularly on how stories develop within the domain of a therapist's own theoretical, clinical and professional contexts. The aim is to allow the reader to understand the uses of stories in…. Klein's model of projective and introjective processes and Bion's model of the relationship between container and contained have become increasingly significant in clinical work.

In a highly imaginative development of these models of thought, the distinguished clinician Gianna Williams, one of the…. Developments in the understanding and psychotherapeutic treatment of children and adolescents suffering from psychotic levels of disturbance are dealt with in this work, from the Tavistock Clinic Series. The book is chiefly concerned with children troubled in their behaviour, relationships, and…. Tavistock Clinic Series Series Editor:. Researching the Unconscious Principles of Psychoanalytic Method By Michael Rustin Researching the Unconscious provides an exposition of key issues in the philosophy and methods of the social sciences which are relevant to psychoanalysis as both a clinical practice and a human science.

On Adolescence By Margot Waddell Adolescence and adolescent states of mind have seldom captured so much attention publicly, nor have they stirred so much anxiety and disturbance privately. This long acknowledged, problematic, transitional world between childhood and adulthood is especially fraught, these days, with the assaults… Paperback — Routledge Tavistock Clinic Series.

Turning the Tide The Psychoanalytic Approach of the Fitzjohn's Unit to Patients with Complex Needs By Rael Meyerowitz , David Bell Since it was founded in , the Tavistock Clinic has developed a wide range of developmental approaches to mental health which have been strongly influenced by the ideas of psychoanalysis. It has also adopted systemic family therapy as a theoretical model and a clinical approach to family… Paperback — Routledge Tavistock Clinic Series. Marilyn Lawrence traces the psychological origins of anorexia and discusses the fallacy of the ideal weight, size and shape that some Karnac Books Bolero Ozon.

Anorexia and all eating disorders alike affect fundamental relationships between individuals and their bodies. Marilyn Lawrence traces the psychological origins of anorexia and discusses the fallacy of the ideal weight, size and shape that some women in anguish may compulsively seek. She also discusses current treatments and therapies to help the individual recognize anorexia and recover from it. From her viewpoint treating anorexia in medical modern practice is more than curing eating disorders; it has become a foray into uncharted psychological and emotional areas.

The Anorexic Mind is unique; eye-opening and essential reading for those wishing to understand the life difficulties of women who suffer from eating disorders, but also a guide for those wishing to tackle the conflicts that underpin anorexia. This is a wise and profound approach to women's psychology and relationship both towards their body and eating habits. Offering new perspectives this is a recommended book for the general public, practitioners and their students.