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  5. “No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew.”

Yet he wants more from life than these basic survival mechanisms.

Here Comes the Night, 3rd Force

He knows there is more; another way of living; and he longs for it. In one's life the mother represents an authentic sense of protection, the life that strengthtens. End of the Mystic journey and "the dark night of the soul".


It Comes at Night () - IMDb

All vehicles to Unity MatbbgJ. The image that comes for me is more of a first layer one. I see death - he is literally under the ground with a marble grave marker above him. After all your erudite intepretations, I still hearken back to the fact that so much of his background in music stems from his mother singing all the old folk songs while he was in his youth. These eastern European songs had so much basis in soldiers going off to war. For every line that is interpreted mystically, I still see this song, in my simplistic approach, as being a song about war, the soldier having to deal with killing of fellow human beings, him seeking solace in words of wisdom his mother would have given him if she were still alive , that his father had to go through this ordeal at one time as he himself has to now, and that he has to reconcile the fact that he has to deal with his wife, children, friends, and his own conscience in light of the the atrocities he had to commit in the 'noble' cause of a war.

Whatever the interpretation, it is a profoundly beautiful song. My secondary views, mystical and all that jazz, are not the source of his work; of that I am sure.

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Leonard begins with the human experience; the mystical is a later adaptation, I suspect: In his earlier recordings the every-day is ever-present. In latter years I suspect Leonard saw the Universal in his outpourings; and so, like Solomon, directed those emotions to the Divine. All good things to you; "Miss Inspiration"; you and your gender are the "muse"; and I am some wayward soul who twains for Unity. I just had to get it off my chest and finally found the courage to do so. Not an easy thing to do as I read all the learned and intelligent interpretations of his words here.


Sarah suggests bringing Will's family back to their home, reasoning that the more people they have with them, the easier it would be to defend themselves should anyone else discover their location. Paul agrees, and he takes Will to collect his family. Along the way, they are ambushed by two men. Paul kills them and accuses Will of having set him up.

Will points out that he fought them as well and assuages Paul's mistrust. A few days later, Paul returns along with Will, his wife Kim, and son Andrew. After establishing the rules that Paul and Sarah have used to stay safe, including keeping the only entrance locked with a key Paul or Sarah wear around their neck, and keeping nighttime excursions to a minimum, the two families begin to establish a sense of normality and grow closer to each other. One day, Travis's dog Stanley begins barking aggressively at and chases an unseen presence in the woods.

Travis follows the dog deeper into the woods before Stanley's barking suddenly ceases. Travis insists to Paul and Will that he heard something in the woods. They decide to return home, as Paul insists Stanley knows the woods and will find his own way home. That night, Will seemingly contradicts a story he had told Paul earlier about what he and Kim were doing prior to finding the abandoned house. Paul's response suggests an increasing level of distrust of Will. That evening, Travis is awakened by a nightmare about his grandfather.

He discovers Andrew sleeping on the floor of Bud's old room, also suffering from a nightmare. Travis leads him back to his parents' room before hearing a sound from downstairs. Investigating, Travis finds that the front door of the house is slightly opened.

Night Always Comes

He wakes Paul and Will, who investigate further and find a bleeding and gravely sick Stanley lying on the floor. They kill and burn the dog.

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When Travis reveals that the door was already open when he came downstairs, Sarah suggests that a sleepwalking Andrew might have opened the door. Kim argues the possibility, and as tensions between the two families begin to rise, Paul decides that they should isolate themselves in their own rooms for a couple of days so that they can calm down and ensure no one is infected. The next morning, Travis overhears a distraught Kim telling Will that they need to leave. Travis informs his parents that Andrew might be infected and, as such, he may be infected himself.

Paul and Sarah don protective masks and gloves and take weapons to confront Kim and Will, fearing that they may steal their food and water, or return later by force. When Paul asks to be let in to see if Andrew is sick, Will draws a gun and takes Paul captive.

“No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew.”

Yes, u heard it rite. U can call it a horror film too.

The amount of non stop kills, stabbings, brutal n insane violent scenes, the non stop splatter is far more than in any recent horror films. Coming back to the action, the choreography of the fight scenes is top notch. It is a non stop action extravaganza for fans of the genre. There r too many brutal action scenes. The pool ball scene with the scalp attached to it may upset some viewers. With Iko Uwais as the villain, Joe Taslim as the man seeking redemption, Julie Estelle as the badass femme fatale n Zack Lee as the strong n daring junkie, then u probably get a solid action film.

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