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This dazzling tour also sheds light on the forgotten past of many villages - especially Namur, Wallonia's capital, which used to be destination to rich and noble European families during the holidays season in luxurious hotels now left to oblivion. Eurochannel welcomes you sail across the river that has shaped the history of many Belgian and French towns as well as the personality of their people. The Meuse… Beautiful theme that has inspired many poets, artists… The Meuse, with its attractions, promoted tourism, sports, culture and arts.

This documentary goes to meet the people around the river as they evoke its history and present. Remind me later Never show again. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. About us Our Team Partners. At times its banks are 10km apart. It charges through Bangladesh to unite with the Ganges and Meghna, ending its 2,km course at the Bay of Bengal. Add to this heavy rainfall its valley receives over inches annually and inevitable monsoon floods and landslides, and it brings families perched precariously on roofs, livestock and crops destroyed, relief camps crowded.

There have been 25 major floods since Across India, more than 11, people died in alone. In July , two million were left homeless, only for more floods to follow that September, when another 1. View image of Children sit on a submerged home after a flood of the Brahmaputra River in India.

The River People - Xavier Istasse - Belgium | Euro Cinema | English - Eurochannel

One innovation to help them is the boat clinic, which I am travelling with for the week. After one of these floods, journalist Sanjoy Hazarika heard the story of a pregnant young sapori woman who died before reaching a mainland hospital. And so began his idea for the Brahmaputra Boat Clinic: Today 15 boats operate in 13 districts of Assam with staff. Back on Bhekeli 1, we walk towards the village. The islanders here are from the Mishing tribal group.

Underneath, black pigs doze peacefully. A rusted water pump stands by pails of stagnant water. Blue fishing nets hang from each doorway next to barrels of dried fish, namshing.

Editorial Reviews

View image of Homes on India's Brahmaputra islands stand on stilts to defend against frequent floods. Families slowly emerge, the children caked in dust and barefoot. Kajal, four months old, is snugly fastened to her mother Somti in a sling. Dutta notices an oozing sore on her elbow and encourages Somti towards the medical tent.

Another patient, Tikshri Pegu, is 70 years old, she thinks.

The River People

Her spine impossibly bent, she had a stroke in her 20s. Treatments called for massages with red chilli and mustard oil, chants and prayers.

the lost narratives of river people, river communities, and the river itself

View image of Tikshri Pegu, is one of the islanders to receive care from the Brahmaputra hospital boats. Tantra Mantra has been outlawed since then, but indigenous remedies remain, often administered by a traditional healer or bej: So too are the leaves of boga bahak a nut shrub for whooping cough. For presumed tuberculosis, the seeds of the joni shrub are ground with pestle and mortar — two teaspoons twice a day. Medications for scabies, malaria, dysentery, high blood pressure and diabetes are available. Some patients seek immunisations and family planning advice. A midwife provides antenatal and prenatal care.

There are lab tests for anaemia, malaria, and syphilis. Sometimes, patients are referred to the mainland, but there is no need today. View image of Residents of India's Brahmaputra River islands receive medical care.

After eating, we crawl under mosquito nets, falling asleep as the Brahmaputra softly laps the sides of the boat. Boatmaster Bipul Payeng, 34 years old, has sailed the Brahmaputra for two decades. GPS is useless here, he says.

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Three islands are marked in yellow — Bhekeli 1, 2, and 3. The people of Bhekeli 3 fled months ago, their island eroded. The map is already out of date.

The ‘river people’ under threat

The Independence Day earthquake 8. Some 45 billion tonnes of silt were carried downstream, populating the riverbed and emptying onto banks.

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Since the earthquake, the river bed has risen by up to 10 metres and continues to widen. Silt leaves the land fertile, but now the river has become braided — one channel turns into many, the water eroding the river banks as it goes. View image of Labourers pile sand bags to try to protect a bank of India's Brahmaputra River. Erosion has decimated more than 2, villages, 18 towns, countless cultural heritage sites and entire tea gardens.

Since the earthquake, erosion has decimated more than 2, villages, 18 towns, countless cultural heritage sites and entire tea gardens. Nearly half a million people have been affected.

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Between and alone, villages and almost 37, houses were completely eroded. Rising temperatures are shrinking the glaciers of the Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau, accelerated by air pollution , which could cause more flooding. At least animals at Kaziranga died in the floods including 15 rhinos, one Royal Bengal tiger and four elephants. Suddenly, there is a cry from Payeng: A Ganges River dolphin leaps through the air. We are fortunate to catch this glimpse. The dolphin is officially endangered, facing threats across the Ganges and Brahmaputra: Conservation projects are encouraging fishermen to use alternative baits , but only 1, of these river dolphins remain throughout India, less than in the Brahmaputra.

Our sighting gives some hope, though.