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  1. Davina and the Vagabonds
  2. Davina & The Vagabonds - Picture of Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant, Minneapolis
  3. The Vagabonds | Biography & History | AllMusic
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Davina and the Vagabonds

He promoted the building of roads and saw to it that gas stations were available to his customers. Harvey Firestone did not invent the wheel, but he did figure out how to make one out of rubber, producing a durable product that made for a smoother and safer automobile ride. He worked with Henry Ford, establishing the network of roads and made the transportation of goods via trucks possible, changing the way business was done in America. As for John Burroughs, the eldest of these friends, he was known for his naturalist essays.

Whenever the Vagabonds took to the road, they were accompanied by an entourage of newspaper reporters and photographers. The men held log chopping contests, climbed trees, hiked and went fishing. Ford wanted Americans to see what fun could be had on the road in a Model T.

Davina & The Vagabonds - Picture of Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant, Minneapolis

Here is the record of one exchange from the Forest Service of Maryland:. Link introduced the men to Mr. The encounter went something like this:. This is Henry Ford; he manufactured your car parked outside your store; and this is Mr.

The Vagabonds | Biography & History | AllMusic

Firestone; he made the tires that are on your car. Naylor, by this time a bit skeptical, looked at Link and said: Clad in three-piece suits, the men emerged from tents having slept on comfortable cots and were served their meals at tables with chairs.

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In the evenings, the men sat around a campfire discussing science, history and philosophy. Just imagine those conversations!

Upcoming concerts (3)

Watch the Vagabond videos. Have the students write an imaginary dialogue that takes place between the famous men over the campfire.

Watch and listen to the Firestone Radio Chat recorded during the 50 th Jubilee celebration of the light bulb You Tube. This is a discussion about the potential of young people. The three famous scientists give advice for success. Electricity was provided by storage batteries that Edison supplied. The group traveled to the Adirondacks and Green Mountains in but Ford was not able to join them.

In they visited New York and New England. The trip was to Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. The trip in did not include camping. The group stayed at the Wayside Inn in Massachusetts and made brief excursions to Vermont.

Jimmy James & The Vagabonds ~ Come To Me Softly

The following resources provide more information about the Vagabonds: Henry Ford and friends camping 19??