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Sue Weaver on Dec. I downloaded Bubba and the Dead Woman because it was free and ended up buying the rest of the series. Great writing, fun characters James Knox on Sep. Good mystery, colorful characters, hilarious dialog, and Bevill for giving us Bubba. Can't wait to read more about him. The first of C.

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Having said that, the Bubba series quickly became one if my favorites and Ms. Bevill became one of my favorite authors. Her sense if humor is contagious! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and many of her others. The characters are fantastic and always leave you wanting more. Especially Bubba's mother who happens to be my favorite character.

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Looking forward to more Snoddy shenanigans! Anca S on Aug. Bubba is such a great character!! Alice de Sturler on May 06, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book. Bubba is an absolutely fabulous character! I can see the eye rolling of Officer Gray in my head. His mother is a deliciously wicked thinking woman with a fancy for embellishing the truth. You have to read this book. Not because it is free or because I tell you to.

You must read it because it you don't you just might miss out on an author who'd be on your favourite list. I know she's on mine now! Ever Star on March 13, This book was funny and a great read. I love how the author put the thoughts of what the dog would be thinking about his owner or the owner's mother. There were times I could do nothing but laugh, this story had me wondering who could have done it, while at the same time keeping me entertained. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a little mystery with laughter. Doug Pardee on Nov. Very humorous, but the mystery part isn't satisfying because the author doesn't play fair with the reader.

A number of pieces of critical information are withheld simply to keep the reader in the dark. For that matter, I'm not convinced that Bubba is stupid enough to have overlooked some of them himself. So treat the mystery as the vehicle for the humor. Omniscient narration is rarely seen these days, because it doesn't usually work. There's an epilogue that seems to exist solely to explain the omniscient point of view, but personally I think it does more harm than good. The story is over, and I say the book should have stopped there.

There were some small editing problems in the edition that I read. A quick look at the current edition shows that at least some of those problems have been fixed, so I won't comment further on this. Nonnie Simon on Nov. I intend to read all this author's books, I really like her style! Melinda Powers on Oct. This is a great book! If you haven't read it, then do so. You won't be sorry. Helgi Magnusson on Sep. I tend to agree with the other reviews, this book is really funny. But also, the characters are likable and realistic.

The quality; spelling, grammar, fit and finish is first rate. This is the first book I've read by this author but now I'm getting her whole catalog. I've liked almost everything of her's that I've read since this got me hooked, a rollicking good read, and it hooked me on Smashwords. Still laughing over Miz Demetrice threatening a "shotgun enema".

M Johns on Aug. Jutzie on July 30, I was wore out for poor Bubba having to run the Bufford's Gas and Grocery by himself! This was a comical story and I think it would be a funny movie, if you found the perfect characters: He is in and out of jail and at one point get the jailer to take him and another convict out to prove his innocence and they had to take Precious along of course basset hound. Amanda Wimer on July 23, Not something I would usually read, but am so glad I gave it a go.

Gotta love Bubba, I know I do! Totally loved this book! Such an easy, graceful writing style, hard not to love Bubba. Maybe it's free for Nook readers as well. I realize it's supposed to be funny, but I was too annoyed throughout to appreciate the humor. Aside from flat, stereotyped characters, the whole thing read like it was written in sections and each section had to re-introduce the reader to the whole thing.

There were times that the same part of the story was told twice, which is just confusing. I kept going back and re-reading to make sure I didn't miss so The title could just as well be A Cast of Stereotypes from Texas and a Convoluted Mystery. I kept going back and re-reading to make sure I didn't miss something or turned the pages backwards or something. Being from the south, I understand just exactly how true some of the stereotypes are, but this just goes too far.

People in the south don't hide it if they have college degrees, and if you live in a town as small as the one depicted in this story, there's no possibility of hiding a thing like that. Plus, if in a small, southern town, people have friends and supporters. The only time the main character refers to high school is to wring a favor from the jailer.

There's MUCH more talk of high school in a typical small town in the south. There are lots of 5 star reviews for this book, and maybe I'm being excessively critical. Even so, I do not recommend wasting your time with this one. Perilously close to a 5-star book, people.

Smashwords – Bubba and the Dead Woman – a book by C.L. Bevill

I was basically hooked from the first chapter, right at the bit where Bubba was holding down the gas station graveyard shift against nefarious old women and snarky teens, so much so that I voluntarily read a book where a basset hound Precious was a main character without -- and this is key -- without having someone pre-read it for dog drama. That is Perilously close to a 5-star book, people. That is just how good it was.

Great characters, great small town. Very interesting to read what was essentially a cozy but with a male protagonist. Few and far between, and in this case, very well done. I was less impressed with Bubba's romantic confusions than I believe I was supposed to be, but that was because I loved the haunted mansion and all the night-time creeping about things. I especially loved how Bubba's mother, Demetrice, kept insisting she'd killed the late Elgin Snoddy in a variety of interesting ways poison, snake in his bed, chainsaw and how Bubba would gently try to get Demetrice back on track by reminding her that his daddy had simply had a heart attack.

It was neck-and-neck for awhile, between Demetrice and Precious the basset hound, but eventually Precious did just up and steal the whole show. Anyone who's ever had a particularly beloved dog can recognize the fineness of the species in Precious and her unswerving dogliness. I'm off to read book 2. More Bubba, less reviewing. I prefer print books and do no use the kindle that came with my phone very often, but I will occasionally get one of the free books if I'm caught somewhere with nothing to read. I had an hour to kill and I was browsing through goodreads and spotted a review for this book that mentioned it was a free download on kindle.

The reviews were mixed but I decided to give it a shot. I ended up finishing the book later that night. The reviews citing errors wrong words, missing words, etc and grammar pro I prefer print books and do no use the kindle that came with my phone very often, but I will occasionally get one of the free books if I'm caught somewhere with nothing to read. The reviews citing errors wrong words, missing words, etc and grammar problems are correct, and these problems did take me out of the story on a number of occasions.

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However, I also agree with those reviewers that found the book entertaining and funny. There is good story telling here. A fast, light read that, in the end, I did enjoy. I will read another Bubba book when I need a good yarn and a laugh. I also have to mention the odd impact of my other current reading material. I'm reading Lovecraft's complete works a large and heavy volume that I can't tote around everywhere, explaining why I was uncharacteristically caught without a book yesterday. With Lovecraft's influence lurking, I found myself expecting the minor mentions of ghosts and family history in this book to take a turn for the truly horrible, bracing for grotesque and unspeakable secrets.

Of course they never did, not that kind of tale at all. I think Lovecraft has twisted my brain. I downloaded this book on my kindle because it was free. I would not have paid 1 penny for this book. The mystery was good, but the rest was very bad. That I could get over. It was the grammar and spelling and punctuation that killed me.

I wonder if there was even an editor or a proofreader at all. Some of the words used weren't mispelled, but not the correct word at all. The main character's name is Bubba. He was referenced as Bubble m I downloaded this book on my kindle because it was free. He was referenced as Bubble many times. It was so hard to follow trains of thought because there were so many punctuation errors. I didn't know that sentences could be one page long! The mystery itself was good. I didn't know who had done it until the very end. I can usually figure this out. I might have done better if I wasn't so distracted with all the errors.

The only reason that I read all the way thru was just to figure out what had happened. I think the title grabbed my attention because if anyone has read the Sookie Stackhouse series, you know who Bubba is in the books. I knew it wouldn't be that "Bubba", but I had hoped for at least a good character!! I would never recommend this book to anyone, and it will probably be deleted from kindle.

A stereotypical Texas read about the life and times of poor Bubba Snoddy. A Texas good ole boy that happened to be in the wrong place at the right time and now he has a dead woman on his property. Not just any woman though, his ex-fiance that he has had no contact with in two years. He caught her in bed with his commanding officer and ending up breaking the CO's arm. Now Bubba's problems have just begun as strange things start to happen around the old homestead. A pre-civil war antebellum mansio A stereotypical Texas read about the life and times of poor Bubba Snoddy.

A pre-civil war antebellum mansion that has evidently now has a ghost rattling around. Bubba will have to get right on that, after he gets out of jail for a murder he didn't commit.

Audio Editions

He also has to keep his mom out of the pokey as well. She does run an illegal gambling ring of course. That was what made this entire ebook fun was the side characters that are always present in small town life. Being a Texan myself and having grown up in a small town I can appreciate the funniness of the book. It was a bit wordy, but Bubba was a hoot as he works to figure out who is trying to frame him for not one murder, but two.

I did have it figured out very early in the book, but still worth the read. Now, this book has mixed reviews but I err on the positive side. Bubba and the Dead Woman is funny, intriguing and vividly drawn. Granted, it would benefit from a night or two with an editor and a red pen, but I really enjoyed the story despite occasionally having to rearrange a sentence or mentally substitute words to make sense. It Now, this book has mixed reviews but I err on the positive side.

It just has that cadence that only the proud and inimitable southern United States carries. In fact, if my mind had opted for my own, or even a more refined British accent, it would not have read so well. Bubba and the Dead Woman promises well. I loved this book. It really was a fun read. Bubba works as a mechanic and yes he's of large build as per the cliche but he's definitely nothing of the sort. He namely works the night shift and after a shocking night when he had to try to use the cash register due to the overnight clerk quitting rather than showing up for his shift he comes home to find a dead woman on his lawn.

But not just any dead woman. It's his ex-girlfriend, the one who Bubba found in bed with another man so he broke t I loved this book. It's his ex-girlfriend, the one who Bubba found in bed with another man so he broke that man's arm who just happened to be his commanding officer so there went his army career so not unsurprisingly Bubba's the prime suspect.

And the evidence just keeps piling up around him. So Bubba investigates on his own account. This book has a joyful air about it and I positively giggled at Bubba's dream in Chapter 15 that really makes it a pleasure to read. Wrongfully accused for the murder of his ex-fiancee Bubba has to uncover the truth before he ends up on Death Row. This book really reminded me of the Les Norton series by Robert G. A big, tough country boy with intelligence and muscle getting himself in and out of danger.

One foot on either side of the line of the law. This book didn't have the sex, drugs and drinking that Norton does but it's also set in a small, religious ish community so the character fits the setting. An enjoyable book, I really liked Bubba and can't wait to see where this series goes. You can't help but be amused by Bubba in this story. A good old fashion red neck town in the deep parts of Texas. Quirky characters run rampart through this small town, every one has secrets and love their gossip. Even the dog's thoughts are given as the story goes on.

Every time you think some one is the killer, they end up dead. Every time you think Bubba doesn't have a chance, something comes a long and helps him out. Bubba's ex finance is found dead on his mother's property, Bubba is arreste You can't help but be amused by Bubba in this story.

Bubba's ex finance is found dead on his mother's property, Bubba is arrested and the chase is on to learn the truth. The story is told in a slow southern drawl, no rushing these folks in getting the story out. But, it is amusing as the truth is revealed and the bad people are caught. I loved Bubba to pieces. How can a little part of you not love that? And his mama, the fiesty Mizz Demetrice, who may or may not have killed her husband in a variety of ways if you listen to her tell it?

I'd go to one of her illegal poker games any night. The mystery itself was fairly good, although complicated. It kept me guessing, I'll give it that much, but once the dust settled after The Big Reveal, all I could think was, "really? This book is exactly what you would expect from the title - a silly mystery involving a big Texan named Bubba do Bubbas come in any size by XXL?

I was very amused by this tale. It kept me reading and kept me amused and I even occasionally had to read Dave a passage because I thought it was so funny. Bubba is amusing, law enforcement in the small town is silly, Bubba's mother is a hoot, and you wish you got more of her.

Bubba and the Dead Woman

Self-published, as an eBook o This book is exactly what you would expect from the title - a silly mystery involving a big Texan named Bubba do Bubbas come in any size by XXL? Self-published, as an eBook on Amazon, it is a light, fluffy, fun, summer read. And, of course, Bubba didn't do it - but the reader never thought he did - so that's not a spoiler.

Not really a spoiler, but talks about the end of the book. I got to the final chapter of this book, but had to leave to go to work. I picked it back up as soon as I got home, expecting to read an exciting conclusion. I was surprised to find, though, that the tone had completely changed, and the last chapter read as being almost anti-climactic. Not that I was expecting surprise or mystery - it's pretty predictable by that point. But it almost felt like the author got tired of telling the story, an Not really a spoiler, but talks about the end of the book. But it almost felt like the author got tired of telling the story, and basically ended it as fast as she could.

It lost the storytelling voice that the rest of the book had, and I was disappointed. My co-worker had read this so when I saw it on the free list again I downloaded it and it was pretty good. The mystery moved along nicely and the last part of the book was pretty funny as everything was put together. I also just liked the way it was written, not sure how to describe it, but I just liked the word choices I guess. The next couple books are pretty inexpensive so I'll probably get them eventually too. What a fun book! It reminds me a little of Barbara Kingsolver's early work.

There's even a cute dog. There is some head hopping and the book could use a bit of a copyedit, but I forgive the author because it's such an enjoyable read.

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Sep 25, H. Carpenter rated it really liked it. Funny main character and a mystery to solve! Best aspect is over-the-top stereotypes making fun of themselves. If you like some humor and laughs mixed in with your murder mysteries, this series is for you. Bubba is a big man with a gentle nature and he lives in a small town with an attitude. He sounds like a backwoods hick…half the time, but he is more than he appears to be. He is a fabulously complex character who projects a false facade to protect himself. His faithful basset hound, Precious is his constant companion, refusing to be left behind.

She may look harmless, but she will not let anyone harm her human. It seems like trouble will forever follow him around, along with dead bodies, so it is no surprise when he stumbles across Melissa Dearman. The surprise is that he has a past with her. The news travels fast through the grapevine of Pegramville and the sheriff haunts his every move.

His mom, Miz Demetrice is a spitfire and you need to think twice before you cross her. She is wacky and wild. The writing makes me think of the Andy Griffith show, with a bit of Dukes of Hazard and the Beverly Hillbillies thrown in. Bubba is shot at, beaten up, lured into a pit, falls down the stairs and someone tries to burn his house down with him in it. How much more abuse can the poor guy take before he solves the mystery? Rip roaring, thigh slapping good fun.

I love when a critter adds an extra element to the story and Precious does that in spades. She may be my favorite character. Mysteries abound with legends of treasure and plenty of people in the suspect pool. This was the first C. Bevill ebook I read. The main reason I downloaded it for my Kindle was that I was quite taken with the blurb and encouraged by the reviews I read.

I also liked the fact that it was set in a small town in East Texas and had a main character called Bubba Snoddy. We find out very early on that Bubba used to be in the military and stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall, weighs pounds and is a gentle giant. Having lived in mid-south USA for several years myself, when I read anything set in the south I can hear those southern accents as I read the dialogue.

This book was no exception and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I will definitely BUY the next ebook in the series, just to see what happens to Bubba next. So back to Bubba and The Dead Woman. When we first join Bubba he is on the phone to a very disgruntled Bufford employee who should have been working that night with Bubba, but, for some reason is resigning over the phone.

When he gets home from work the next morning he finds a dead woman lying head first in the long weeds at the side of the caretakers house, which is where Bubba lives. Things get more complicated from there and before you know it Bubba is in the thick of a mystery that involves confederate bullion and the long arm of the law. This was an adorable book to read, I loved every minute of it and really grew fond of Bubba, his dog, Precious and his mother, Miz Demetrice. The characters were very reminiscent of many people I met whilst living in mid-South USA and the way the small town picture is painted is indeed accurate, as I recall it.

If you want to be entertained and smile for a few hours then read this book. I just had to read it. Ms Bevill portrays the community the novel is set in with love, sympathy and some tongue-in-cheek humour. And Bubba is endearing and funny, and not half as stupid as he is expected to be. The characters are mostly stereotypes, but I believe this is intentionally done, adding to the comedic aspects of this story. Nevertheless, this is an easy and enjoyable read, smooth flowing and well written.