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It isn''t just a list of names - it is like a course in baby-naming!

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With chapters on baby-naming history, naming trends, the attributes of a perfect name, middles names, etc. This one''s a good one It has the big list, so that you can look up the definitions of the names that you''re considering. But, it also teaches you how to pick a really great name for your little bundleof joy So, if you just want definitions, this book''s got those. If you just don''t know what name you want, or if you''re scared of choosing the wrong name, this book can help.

Helpful and full of creative inspiration, this 1 bestseller gives you all the best ways to find your favorites and decide on the perfect fit. Packed full of more than , baby names with origins, variations, and richer definitions, The Complete Book of Baby Names makes choosing your baby's name a joyful act of love. Busy Girl has been using it to inform all her friends what their names mean.

Baby Names and the Meaning of Names from A to Z | Babble

Most importantly, though, it covers what NOT to name your baby. I'll let you check that one out yourself. Plus, knowing a bit of Spanish, I was able to see that the author of The introduction was too long, repetitive, pointless, and poorly written, and to say that the author took liberties with the meanings of a few names would be an understatement.

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Plus, knowing a bit of Spanish, I was able to see that the author often merely took plain old everyday words from other languages and called them names, often with flat out incorrect definitions, and in many of these cases the word was actually something so mundane as to risk some chuckles from native speakers if they were to hear it used as a name.

This book was way too misleading and an utter disappointment. Jun 14, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: Several hours and headaches later, I finally found some decent names. If you want to name your kid after a state, go look at a map, not a baby name book.


I need to find a baby book that is traditional names. None of this werid, modern age crap that Hollywood likes to pull like "Celery" and "Apple". Yes they were both in there WTH? Jan 26, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: I think we're pretty well settled on a girl name but boy names are a lot harder When I was a kid I would spend hours sitting down copying names I like. There's a large variety to choose from. You could name all your kids and grandkids lol , pets, characters for novels and other imaginary friends.

Dec 07, Charissa Wilkinson rated it really liked it Shelves: Are baby name dictionaries just for aspiring parents? So, how does this one measure up for the parent-to-be?

A bully is a bully. The dictionary as Overview: The dictionary aspect is well organized and separated by gender. Jul 20, T.

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Using for character names but it left me laughing at some of the names that exist. Worst celebrity name thus far Sounds like a dogs name to me. A good read for those expecting a child because of the surplus of names that have roots in American culture to names rooted in Latin. Some of the American names are for those that are daring.

Nov 28, Erin rated it did not like it.

Baby Names

I found this book to be a waste of time and money, particularly if you are Caucasian. Many of the origins and definitions listed are incorrect and the attempted legitimization of made up names and giving them the author's made up definitions is just laughable. I absolutely hated this book. I feel like I'm being rude saying this, but that's how I feel.

I got this book at a garage sale to have something handy to name my Sims or any other naming situations that may arise. Like apple, or saturday. There was little to no useful information in it. To think, I couldn't even use these names for my Sims. Imagine trying to name an actual baby out of it. Save yourself the time, get a different book.

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Aug 12, Angel rated it it was amazing. This was a good book. If your having a baby and don't have a name picked out then this book has many to choose from. I read a baby book before this, I can't remember the name or author, but I didn't like it at all. It had too many categories. This one had two categories: