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Seminar and Colloquium

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She is an award-winning educator HKU ; QS Wharton and leads curriculum re-design and staff development projects in higher education. She has published 3 co-edited books, 2 Special Issues; 12 chapters and over 40 journal articles.

In addition to serving on the editorial boards for several international journals, she reviews grants for international funds and is invited to speak at international research and teaching innovation meetings. In , Dr Bridges joined the U21 Education Innovation cluster Steering Group to further support innovation across the network, including internationalization of the curriculum. Most students come to university to study their chosen discipline. How can we convince them university learning is also about broadening perspective and human flourishing?

The task is all the more difficult in a modern research university where general education is often relegated to a marginal position. Drawing from her experience, the speaker will share possible ways to make general education relevant to student needs, which include setting high expectation, enhancing skills essential for student success, and giving adequate support to help students go beyond their comfort zone.

Dialogue about innovation in teaching and learning in high performing universities 28 Mar Flat space, deep learning 29 Mar Professor Mazur is author or co-author of scientific publications and 12 patents.

CU Link, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

He has also written on education and is the author of Peer Instruction: There are lots of inspiring stories to tell how dedicated teachers at HKBU enhance student learning experience through their exemplary teaching practices. Every year, we are honoured to have invited some of our excellent teachers in the TALES workshop series to share ways to stimulate student learning, design innovative teaching and learning activities and assessment method to assess student achievements.

They all share a common belief — student learning should not be necessarily restricted to the classroom environment. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are of equal importance for helping students develop the HKBU graduate attributes.

Science Lectures

Our University has always been commended for providing a caring environment for our students to achieve better learning. In addition to the services offered by related teaching and learning support units, AAM is highly recognised as one of the most effective and helpful means to provide students with both academic guidance and social support, particularly those new ones to the University community. AAM at HKBU had been evolving progressively over the past few years in line with the change of student needs following the implementation of the 4-year programme.

The role of AAM in supporting students has become even more important, coupling with the surge in the intake of senior year entry students who are expected to complete their studies within a 2-year period. In this session, academic advisors from different units will share their exemplary practices in providing pastoral care for students in different years of studies through AAM.

The discussion will also centre on how the University can further refine its AAM framework with a goal to satisfy the diverse learning needs of our students.

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To most research postgraduate RPg students, the few years of research studies and learning experience in the University is of vital importance to determine their future and career. This workshop provides a sharing opportunity for experienced research supervisors from different subject disciplines to talk about the integration of outcome based approach and different learning activities into the programme design to enrich student learning, meeting the high-achieving learning goals and the graduate attributes. Good strategies on recruiting and attracting elite RPg students over the globe to pursue their studies at HKBU will also be discussed.

Statistical data shows that a growing number of students with HFA can now receive tertiary education in developed countries. Individual with autism spectrum disorder can be misunderstood as disorganized, impolite and uncooperative. There are many challenges that have to be surmounted in order to achieve success in higher education.

Understanding from others, provision of appropriate educational support and effective interventions can facilitate their path to success in academic area and career. In this seminar, the characteristics of learners with HFA, challenges faced by them in tertiary institutions and accommodations of their learning needs will be covered.

Moreover, there will be a sharing from a tertiary student with HFA on the learning experience. Dr Wong and her colleagues developed the pioneer project for adults with high functioning autism HFA in Hong Kong in , which is well received by service users and practitioners in the community.

Dr Wong also collaborated with her multidisciplinary team to develop a comprehensive intervention framework for adults with ASD and learning disabilities.

Previous Series

The framework addressing the unique needs and training context of adults with ASD and learning disabilities was published in a training manual in These initiatives received the recognition from the Social Welfare Department and a pilot project for adults with autism was subsequently launched in Dr Wong provides assessment and intervention, consultation, presents seminars, workshops, and runs training programs for educational and social welfare professionals, adults with ASD and parents.

Ms Chan provides case work, group work intervention and committed to networking with the tertiary institutions in order to enhance the well-being of HFA.

Admission to Undergraduate Studies

With the emergence of a new generation of mobile context-aware technologies, we can build on the personalised and collaborative learning facilitated by web 2. There are greater opportunities than ever before to foreground authentic learning in everyday contexts, while simultaneously heightening student engagement through gamified approaches.

To capitalise on this potential, it is essential for educators to develop appropriate mobile learning designs. The presentation goes on to illustrate the potential of mobile augmented reality AR language and literacy learning projects — in the form of games or gamified learning trails — many of which also incorporate elements of cultural exploration.

After mentioning well-known North American and European examples, the presentation focuses on recent developments in gamified learning trails in the Asian region. It will include examples of projects from a range of countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, where students learn collaboratively in real-world settings, while practising language, developing digital literacies and 21st century skills, and exploring culture.

Faculty Package

In summary, the paper will demonstrate that with appropriate mobile learning designs, mobile devices can effectively become lenses on learning which open up a range of possibilities for personal, collaborative and authentic learning in everyday settings. His current research focuses on digital literacies, and the learning of language and literacy through mobile technologies. Physics is the study of the basic regularities behind the various complex phenomena in the physical world.

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  4. Its scope ranges from the tiniest phenomena, like quarks in a proton, to the largest, like the universe. Building upon a tradition of excellence in teaching and research, the Physics curriculum aims to provide students with a good grasp of the fundamentals of physics, a range of analytical, experimental, numerical, research, communication and other generic skills, and an appreciation and understanding of the applications of physics in modern society. The core of the Physics curriculum builds a solid foundation. It consists of a calculus-based introductory physics series and courses in classical mechanics, electromagnetic theory, thermal and statistical physics, quantum mechanics and its relevance to the understanding of the behavior and structure of matter at various levels, quantitative methods, experimental physics, student-centred learning, seminars, and capstone courses including projects.

    In Quest for the Theory of Everything

    In addition, the programme offers a full range of elective courses, among which are courses in computational physics and simulations, astrophysics, meteorology, optics, nanoscience and technology, instrumentation, relativity, nuclear and particle physics, solid state physics, electronics and advanced courses that enrich the fundamental core courses, projects, and postgraduate courses.

    In recent years the majority of our Physics graduates and MPhil graduates who continued to pursue higher degrees abroad have been admitted into the graduate schools of distinguished universities, including University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of Maryland, Northwestern University, University of Colorado, University of California at San Diego, California Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, John Hopkins University, University of Cambridge, Princeton University, University of Pittsburgh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Toronto, where they have been awarded financial supports in the form of teaching assistantships and scholarships.

    Many of our alumni hold senior posts in renowned academic and research institutes worldwide, while many more others occupy prominent positions in various sectors in society. Admission to Undergraduate Studies Entry Requirements Click below for admissions information for applicants of various qualifications: JS The Enrichment Stream in Theoretical Physics is designed for students who have a good foundation in secondary school physics and mathematics.