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Download e-book for iPad: The Money And The Power: By Sally Denton,Roger Morris Sally Denton and Roger Morris clarify how and why Las Vegas grew to become the best 'business good fortune tale' of the 20 th century, and the way the remainder of the USA ensured this good fortune through contributing capital in addition to clients. Headquarters of a trillion-dollar around the world empire, the location of extraordinary political and monetary strength, Las Vegas is not at all an aberrant sin urban.

Denton and Morris exhibit the way it has grown out of, and displays, a corruption and a worship of cash that experience crept into American existence due to the fact that Prohibition. They hint the unique cash for the founding of the Las Vegas we all know this present day to national narcotics trafficking.

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The book starts out with organized crime and the creation of big casinos in the s. This aspect of the city is well known and documented. The shady world of bank finance is exposed in this book, but it hardly is illegal or unethical to bankroll casino development. The book becomes increasingly difficult to accept and endorse as the authors struggle to connect Howard Hughes to organized crime. Without anything more concrete, the reader should be more sympathetic to Wynn and his lawsuits against publishers. In support of the the book, the authors disclose the presence of many people who are not generally well-known in connection with Las Vegas, people like Perry Thomas, Paul Laxalt, and Hank Greenspun.

The authors do a convincing job at connecting these men to each other and the better-known personalities.

Morris and Denton's book takes a grander sweep of Nevada history than does Reid, and brings us up to the millennium, Steve Wynn, and Harry Reid no relation, Ed's kids will have you know! I have often been told that I mispronounce the name of the 36th state.

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I will definitely bring this up at some point with a native Nevadan because I am, say it with me, an idiot. Jul 22, James rated it it was amazing Shelves: The authors posit that the "mob" isn't just gangsters, but also the politicians, judges, and rich people who work with them to bleed the country. They call it "The syndicate". I'd heard rumors that j edgar Hoover was gay, this book gives details and the consequences. Also many details about how the election was stolen. Every story you ever heard about Joe kennedy being a crook plus many more.

6 editions of this work

How Lyndon Johnson blackmailed his way onto the ticket. How Clinton got his political start from his uncle Raymond's illegal gambling in Hot springs Ark. Another mob backed politician.

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This was a can't put it down book for me. Although I gave this book four stars, that comes with a sort of caveat. The authors at times, seem to exaggerate and try to drive home their point that Las Vegas is and was the center of the universe yes, its hyperbole on my part, similar to the way this book is written.

The history covered is thorough, well researched and doesn't hold back on some of the details. However, the context in which the authors seemingly attempt to find meaning in everything leads to some broad brush strokes that ma Although I gave this book four stars, that comes with a sort of caveat. However, the context in which the authors seemingly attempt to find meaning in everything leads to some broad brush strokes that make things that happened larger than life.

If you are interested in the history of Las Vegas, including the ties to the mafia and crime, this is a good book to read. I took the opinions with a grain of salt, instead focusing on the history while drawing my own conclusions as to the meaning of such events After a trip to Las Vegas last year, I've become interested in its history and the cast of characters that have contributed to its various facets. Casinos, hotels, the mob, air-conditioning, the LDS Church, politicians, etc.

Jul 05, John rated it liked it. Much more focused on the national political connections of Vegas to the United States, and how gambling money has influenced political decisions. Continuously hints at illicit ties of organized crime to Las Vegas, but without a lot of supporting evidence. Not much on the actual development of the companies and casinos, or really Vegas itself. Nov 21, Amber rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was a fascinating look at the creation of Las Vegas and the effect his city has had on the world throughout the 20th century.

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Reading this book will make you look at th world of gambling, politics and crime differently. Aug 02, Curtis rated it really liked it Shelves: Dense, thorough, fascinating read -- a sobering and undeniable case for how imbedded corruption is and has been in American government since at least the dawn of Shocking complicity by the Mormon Church adds to the sense of hypocrisy on efeels about them these days.

Oct 17, Rick Harsch rated it it was amazing. Researching Vegas and surrounds for a recent novel this was by far the most informative and compelling book, well-written despite having two authors, and pulling no punches--perhaps because most of the people they would have to fear are buried.

Jul 27, Francis Coulombe added it. May 13, T Sunclades rated it did not like it. The sourcing of the information gets in the way of the story at every possible point. The worst construction of a narrative thread based on true events. Holly Riccio rated it really liked it Feb 26, Larry Henry rated it it was amazing Mar 10, Stephanie rated it liked it Aug 29, Donna Metzler rated it really liked it Nov 14, Vince Mandin rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Will rated it really liked it Jun 22, Eric rated it really liked it Sep 19, Diego Galvan rated it it was amazing Jan 03, William Schill rated it really liked it Sep 07, David Blubaugh rated it really liked it Aug 25, Kevin Rendon rated it did not like it Jul 07, Guandu rated it it was amazing Aug 14, Casey rated it it was ok Jun 08, Jason rated it it was amazing Jun 20, Rob rated it really liked it Apr 30, Daniel rated it really liked it Aug 31, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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