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The museum also has two permanent installations which are significantly smaller than other galleries— the Rothko Room and the Laib Wax Room.

  1. Temple of mysteries.
  2. Internal Framing in The Rothko Room;
  3. The Rothko Room: Journeys In Silence.

Because these installations are set apart from the rest of the galleries—rooms entirely designed or created by the artists themselves—they evoke a unique sense of other-worldliness. This experience allows us to feel as if we are isolated from the real world and invited to the world of the artists. While not all Japanese tea rooms are small, some are deliberately so, for other-worldliness is the basic concept of the design.

Rothko Room

The smallness of the rooms creates an intimate relationship between people and their tea. There are also similarities in atmosphere.

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This distinctive atmosphere can be also experienced in the Rothko Room and the Laib Wax Room by virtue of the closeness and the visual perception of the environments, which remind me of churches or the tombs of ancient Egypt. The solemn atmosphere often makes me both interested and hesitant to enter. My footsteps slowed as I entered these rooms—I would describe the experience as a feeling of awe.

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  • In looking at Rothko's paintings, Phillips wrote, "What we recall are not memories but old emotions disturbed or resolved—some sense of well being suddenly shadowed by a cloud—yellow ochres strangely suffused with a drift of gray prevailing over an ambience of rose or the fire diminishing into a glow of embers, or the light when the night descends. The resulting room was small, with one painting on each wall Ochre and Red on Red was added upon its purchase in , dim lights to enhance the resonance of the colors, and chairs for prolonged viewing.

    From the outset, the room was intended as a meditative space, even referred to by Phillips as a type of "chapel.

    Rothko Room Guide: Introduction | Tate

    Rothko visited the room and treasured the atmosphere. On a visit when Phillips was away, he asked the staff to make several small adjustments to the space. Phillips noticed—and reversed—the changes when he returned.