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He has authored or co-authored more than fifty books, most on military subjects, especially U. Halberstadt served in the U. Army as a helicopter door gunner in Vietnam. He and his wife, April, live in San Jose, California. Masters of the Art. Diary of an Airborne Ranger. Life and Death in the Central Highlands: An American Sergeant in the Vietnam War Not Going Home Alone. Six Silent Men, Book Two. Not a Good Day to Die.

The Battle of Mogadishu. Vietnam Medal of Honor Heroes. A Hundred Feet Over Hell: First Force Recon Company. Bury Us Upside Down. Last Stand at Khe Sanh. Force Recon Diary, A Year In Vietnam. Road of 10, Pains: F6F Hellcat at War.

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The Rescue of Bat Leading an Infantry Rifle Platoon in Vietnam. Shorty thereafter a Chinook arrived at our LZ and we boarded the aircraft. Between the time that we were told to get ready and the time of our boarding, we were also given the word that we would be going into a hot LZ. After a short ride we landed on our new LZ but did not take any fire. We organized our CIDG Troops and sent a team in to recon the wooded area to our front; they returned with no enemy contact, we then started the movement of our soldiers into the wooded area.

The enemy fire was quite intense and we took numerous casualties among our CIDG. Sgt Crain called in our situation report and arrangements were made to evacuate the wounded, during this time I checked on the wounded they were being given care by the CIDG medics. We then started to get our air support, which Sgt Crain did an excellent job of controlling, it was a combination of jets, propeller driven aircraft, the propeller driven aircraft hit the target with much more accuracy and the jets , Cobra Gunships, and a small Loch Chopper that had a crazy guy coming low and fast while his passenger was throwing out hand grenades.

We also received re-enforcements form the Mike Force , the air support continued throughout the afternoon including one hell of a lot of napalm. As night closed in we pulled back about yards and set up our overnight position and watched Spooky work over the area for most of the night.

The next morning we organized our troops again and re-entered the tree line we met some resistance but it was taken care of very quickly. We found the body of our point man that had been captured; he had been shot once in the heart. As we looked around the site it was a mass of body parts legs, arms, heads, and some big chucks of meat that really could not be identified, probably what was left after the head, legs, and arms have been blow off. We also found a large quantity weapons including some heavy machine guns, a lot of paper money in pieces , a Red Flag with a Hammer and Sickle on it, also along with the body parts were the pictures of the family members that the North Vietnamese carried with them.

Our little 25 man unit had made contact with a very large North Vietnamese unit. I thank God for Air Support! The news media arrived a bit later and were looking around, they tried to get our soldiers to carry heads around so that could take pictures. Not wanting to get involved with that kind of display, Jaye and I organized our group and moved away, as the sun was working on the bodies they were very getting ripe and the smell of death was getting very heavy and also Sgt Crain was about to punch out or shoot the officer that was with the news crew.

So we left them to their business. News Articles Green Berets on Trial. Books; etc Military History Online. A Murder in Wartime by Jeff Stein. Faithful Devotion by Lisa Smith.

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A Team Special Forces Photos pg 3. As told by team members. I was almost out of water and ammo, so I was re-supplied by Heli.

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  • We had found small cachets of weapons and medical supplies that the VC had stashed in different locations. That evening after dark I moved a good yrds back and yrds to the left closer to Arty coverage. Sure enough around midnight high angle fire and machine gun fire was raining on my day position.

    The Green Berets

    I made certain that no one fired a shot in return for I did not want to give my position away. A couple of weeks later Powell took another shot at the area, only he didn't pull back like I did, and he got hammered just like I would have had I stayed there. He lost a few CIDG killed and his word changer had the middle finger shot off. It was eerie listening to him on the radio relaying to us what was going on, and at the same time hearing all the shooting that was going on. He managed to pull back n fly out the dead and wounded. Next day the area was plastered pretty good by air.

    We were warned to stay out the area because every time an air mission was over they were instructed to spend their ammo and rockets in that area. Those were the 4 men I went out on any operation with during my time there. I was not Special Forces. I was the only guy in IV Corps who was authorized to handle and install all the electronic surveillance equipment that was used for border surveillance. It was called Operation Dufflebag. Otherwise, I spent 2 weeks down with the brown water navy running their river patrols in 26' Chris Crafts out of Camau for 2 weeks..

    A War Stories - Special Forces Green Beret A-Team

    You guys were about 6 or 7 on the crazy scale. At least you guys were on solid ground. I was in BTT when Lt. Cole got killed in Jan 70 and left just prior to Sgt Foote and Stephens getting killed, I think in March or April on the most stupid operation I ever heard of, a middle of the night air insertion, just outside the howitzer range. Every one of the 40 CIDG, 1 interpreter, and those 2 men were killed once the choppers put them down and left.

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    I kept going back and forth between these 3 camps, Moc Hoa and Can Tho for 16 months under the Senior Adviser, Colonel David Hackworth until the last A camps were completely turned over to the Vietnamese. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jul 07, Robert Garcia rated it really liked it Shelves: Great collection of stories of an easy read on the guys who are head and shoulders above the normal soldier and take the warrior's spirit to a different level.

    I enjoy reading about these men who dare to become something special when they themselves just focus on their missions. Kyle Noll rated it it was ok Jun 04, Lawrence rated it it was amazing Dec 31, Stacey Branham rated it it was amazing Jul 18, Mike rated it it was ok Mar 29, Schmitz rated it really liked it Feb 17, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Dec 10, Krussell rated it liked it Jun 20, Boudin rated it really liked it Apr 02, Timothy O'Brien rated it really liked it Jul 24, Hantu Rimba rated it it was amazing Oct 02, Mike Nashleanas rated it really liked it Nov 29, Morgan Collins rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Ezra Torres rated it really liked it Mar 14, Steve Michael rated it liked it May 07, Doyle rated it really liked it Jan 07, Mark DeJong rated it liked it Jan 01,