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The League of Anubis 4. The Fear Masters really liked it 4. This Slaughterhouse Earth 3. Wild Blue Yonder it was amazing 5. Madigan has read Webster Madison, Hired Gun: Wellington before he met Shea, and won his favor by being successful and making sure that his wife and daughter are happy. Richard keeps his severe contempt for Mr. Wellington under wraps, but is already in the process of taking revenge on the man who has made his life so miserable.

Despite of his fault, he still insists that he loves Shea, and that his affair is just to humiliate Mr. In Episode 3, it's revealed that he was having an affair with Katherine Wellington. Trish sees him with Katherine and reveals their betrayal to her father during an argument, but Mr. Wellington decides to do nothing until after Trish's wedding. Henry, Abby and Katherine find his corpse tied to a tree in Episode 8, with the harpoon still in him.

In the final episode, Henry tells Sully he harpooned Richard. The final thing he said was " She's cute, sweet, and sometimes, horribly spooky. Lots of kids enjoy mischief but Madison might enjoy it a little too much. She has a tendency to say things that indicate she has a better idea about what's happening on Harper's Island than the adults do. Madison was kidnapped by Wakefield through episodes 8 and 9, though she tells Abby that it was the Sheriff who abducted her.

Books by D.A. Madigan

In episode 10 she tells Trish that she lied, claiming that Wakefield told her that if she didn't, her mother would "disappear" like her father. It is also Madison who reveals that Wakefield is not working alone. Madison later tells her mother and Trish that she first met Wakefield, her "new friend", the day they arrived on the island.

Later on, they are both at the police station. Madison gets sent off with Agent Perez so that Shea and the other Agent can talk privately. Just as Madison goes out of the room, she says "He's going to tell you everyone else is dead, isn't he? Portrayed by Claudette Mink Katherine is the very definition of a trophy wife; a woman closer in age to her stepdaughters than her husband. Trish used to resent her, but Shea had always tolerated her because she makes their dad happy.

But considering Katherine's secret dark desires, that might not be for long. In Episode 3, it's revealed that she was having an affair with Richard Allen.

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Still, Katherine seem to genuinely care for her step-family and tells them that what she did is not meant to hurt anyone, because she does love her husband. According to producers, a subplot was meant to be included that Thomas had lost all his money through a bad business deal and that it was Katherine who was paying for the entire wedding, but she allowed Thomas to pretend he was doing it so he did not lose face in front of his daughters. The storyline was dropped due to time constraints. DEATH — In the end of Episode 9, Shane tells Katherine who he thought was alive that the group had found Madison, and then notices the blood seeping through the sheets on the chair.

It is then revealed that she was stabbed in the back with pruning shears. In Episode 10, Shane shows Henry Katherine's corpse and tells him that she was still warm when he checks for a pulse, meaning that she was killed very recently. In the final episode, it's revealed that Henry killed Katherine while everyone was running around looking for Madison.

He's the sensitive guy in the group. He's thoughtful and always wants to do the right thing. Danny feels things deeply, and when he senses injustice, he can't walk away, but has to try to make things right. He is mainly the closest friend of Sully, but is still close to Malcolm and Booth, and likes Cal. He is kind enough to attract many friends, which Sully envies. In Episode 12, he acts as bait for Wakefield so Sully can ambush and shoot him.

Wakefield even admits that he put up a good fight, and that he did not embarrass himself. Although he puts up a good fight, Wakefield manages to grab him and impale him through the right eye with a memo holder. Portrayed by Chris Gauthier Malcolm Ross is a groomsman. He's a big, boisterous guy who not only brings his own beer to a party, but he brews it himself. Malcolm is trying to start up a business to mass-produce his microbrew, Sacred Turtle.

Even though his friends are very supportive emotionally, he lacks the funds to finance his endeavor. His inability to raise capital has put a great deal of stress on Malcolm, and made him desperate enough to do things his friends would never suspect. When their group decides to make Booth hide the money, he follows him to convince to take it with them, but Booth accidentally shoots his leg.

D.A. Madigan (Author of Harvest Night)

Malcolm tries to save Booth but after his death, he buries him, takes the money and does not tell his friends what happened. Among his friends, Booth is the one he is closest to. DEATH — In Episode 7, Malcolm is burning money when he is yanked away and hacked to bits; his limbs and head are then thrown into a furnace in a deleted scene that was considered "not suitable for television". Cal later finds his skull in Episode 8, but doesn't know who the skull belongs to, though he reassures everyone it isn't Madisons'. Portrayed by Sean Rogerson Joel is a groomsman. Everyone calls him by his surname, Booth.

He's a loyal friend who lacks some of the social graces of the other groomsmen. His hypochondria amuses his friends to no end, particularly his sea-sickness. He can be very jumpy and panicky, although his decisions are usually for the best. When the groomsmen found Uncle Marty's money, they decided to hide it until they can bring it to the police after the wedding. Unable to decide who would hide it, they had a draw, resulting Booth as the one tasked to hide the bag.

Malcolm follows him and he shoots his own leg. As Malcolm tries to call for help, Booth begs not to be left alone, and eventually dies on Malcolm's hands. She's beautiful, energetic and athletic. Though she didn't grow up as privileged as Trish, she's very comfortable in that world.

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She reveals to Shea that Trish slept with Hunter back in college, but Trish makes it clear that she now belongs to Henry. She also said she wants to find love with as good a man as Henry. She develops a quick friendship with Malcolm throughout episode 6 and 7 after Malcolm comforts a traumatized Beth who is getting paranoid because of the deaths.

DEATH — In Episode 9, after a long search of an underground tunnel system sparked by a trail of blood and Beth missing, Beth's body is discovered by Danny; her body had been cut in half by Wakefield. Her top half and right arm was shown, but the bottom half and left arm was never found or shown. Portrayed by Sarah Smyth Lucy is a bridesmaid and one of Trish's childhood friends.

Their families traveled and summered together. Though Lucy is more of a socialite than the other bridesmaids, she's trying to find her own way in the world by attending law school. Lucy is always carrying her handbag dog, Gigi, which causes her a minor conflict with Nikki. She also has a boyfriend named Ryan. Wakefield then pours lighter fluid on her, drops a lit match, and burns her to death. The matchbox is from the Candlewick Inn. Portrayed by Ben Cotton Shane is a local fisherman who pretty much dislikes everyone.

He works on a boat with his best friend, Jimmy Mance, and hates that the return of Abby Mills has turned Jimmy into her little whipping boy. He has a particular distaste for Henry Dunn's brother, J. Shane's got a short temper and a history of violence, which makes him capable of just about anything. When Kelly dies, he believes that it is JD's fault and he kidnaps him, planning to kill him by hanging. Abby rescues JD telling Shane that she believes Kelly's statement that John Wakefield is alive and most likely killed her.

Shane reveals that he is blaming himself for Kelly's death. When he goes to prison, and JD is brought in to the next cell, Wakefield kills the deputy. JD escapes but leaves Shane alone. Shane only got out after he promises to tell Abby where the Sheriff went. Although he is quick, nearly getting Wakefield once and dodging his first attack, Wakefield is quicker.

He cuts Shane's arm when he tries to attack again, and his hand. Continuing to fight through an arm wound and a subsequent stomach wound, Shane is eventually run through and left for dead. However, when Wakefield goes after the girls and corners Trish, Shane returns and distracts him long enough for her to escape. When Henry, Danny and Abby return, they find his body tied to an oar by his arms and hanging from the Cannery ceiling as though crucified. But when Abby left the island, Kelly stayed behind and has never gotten over her mother's murder.

She's struggled with depression and suicide attempts and a secret belief that John Wakefield is still alive and coming back for her. Kelly used to date Shane, who is very bitter over their break-up.

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Kelly also finds companionship with JD which only worsens the rivalry between the two boys. When Kelly expresses her desire to finally leave the island and go to LA, Abby hesitates in allowing her to stay with her, but Abby eventually tells her that she can be her roommate until she gets her own place. An ecstatic Kelly shares this news with JD and has sex with him, but ends up dead the next day.

Also, her neck appears to be snapped. Portrayed by Ali Liebert Nikki is an old friend of Abby's and a local who lives on the island and manages The Cannery, a bar on the island. She's a tough, sexy, straight-talking local who doesn't back down from confrontation. She's thrilled Abby's back on the island, and looks forward to having fun while the wedding party's in town.

She seems to be Abby's confidant and best girl friend, helping her with her potential relationship with Jimmy. As Abby returns, Nikki is the one who updates her with what is going on in the island. A good friend of Kelly's, she is the one to find her body, but is otherwise nearly completely excluded from major events.

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  • She manages to walk into the Cannery unimpeded, which convinces Maggie the killer isn't after locals, and gives the others her keys so Sully and Cal can use her car to go get the sailboat. Nikki shares a kiss with Sully before he leaves with Cal, but any potential relationship ends with her death at Wakefield's hands. She tries to shoot him, but he grabs the barrel and holds it up while he stabs her through the stomach with his boarding knife, and then drags her over the counter. Episodes 1—4, 6—7, 10— She knew Abby, Henry, and Trish when they were kids and couldn't be happier to have them all back She's meticulously planned the week's events and has more than just a few surprises in store for the wedding party.

    Maggie appeared in the 7th episode of Harper's Globe. Later, after Madison hears noises on the roof, Maggie's hung body appears put there by Wakefield , dangling at the window of The Cannery to frighten the others. Subsequently, her body can be seen hanging when the Cannery is shown in wide shots in Episodes 10 and Episodes 1—2, 4—6, 8— Portrayed by Jay Brazeau In Episode 3, Doctor Campbell carries out a post-mortem on Kelly Seaver, attempting to determine whether she committed suicide or was murdered.

    He also investigates the deaths of Reverend Fain and Thomas Wellington, remarking about how similar they are to the Wakefield killings. Sheriff Mills reminds him that John Wakefield is dead, but Doctor Campbell replies that someone is doing, "one hell of a job imitating him. It is possible the Doctor survived the Wakefield-Dunn killing spree, though his fate is not revealed on-screen; he may be among the "handful of locals" referred to by FBI Agent Hanson as having survived the killings.

    She's new to the force and is excited to apprehend her first murderer. They are later found by Shane before the explosion at the marina. Portrayed by 'Lily' Gigi is Lucy's handbag dog. According to Lucy, Gigi is people. In episode 2, Gigi ran off while everyone is having a picnic, Gigi was barking when Lucy fell into the trap pit. Gigi was then found by Cole Harkin and was one of his "pets". Gigi was rarely seen since then. Trish and her father saw Gigi and followed her farther into the woods. Gigi is one of the survivors of Harper's Island.

    Episodes 1—2, 4—6, 8. Henry happily admits to decapitating Reverend Fain in the final episode. She also maintains a blog on Harper's Globe. In Episode 4, Karena was hired by Shea to perform psychic readings at the bachelorette party. She also let Madison borrow her tarot card The Tower.

    That night, she prophesied that a man would betray Trish, but also be her savior Richard Allen. She then tried to read Abby's future, but had a disturbing vision and left. She later found Abby and warned her, "He won't stop; he wants you dead! It is possible Karena survived the Wakefield-Dunn killing spree, though her fate is not revealed on-screen; she may be among the "handful of locals" referred to by FBI Agent Hanson as having survived the killings.

    Portrayed by Aaron Pearl The deputy helps with investigating the murders on the island. He's also the jail guard at the police station. He was caught in a boat explosion that burned his face and the entire right side of his body. He was sent to Seattle for treatment and returned to the island months later. He forms a friendship with J. He rescues the Sheriff when he gets wounded from a trap. He dropped his lantern and the diary, starting a fire.

    As he tried to free himself, he was shot and killed with a second arrow, which was also shot by Wakefield. His body is burned as the fire his lantern started spreads. He later was sent to investigate the disappearance of Reverend Fain. He found the Reverend's hearing-aid in the woods, before he and Sheriff Mills discovered his dismembered body in the swamp. He also joined the other deputies in tracking J. Episodes 2, 5—7, She also has a stack of newspapers on the Wakefield murders, but she tells Abby the person who ordered them never came to pick them up.

    In Episode 16 of Harper's Globe, it's shown that Robin tied her back to the wall behind her, helping her from suicide, escaping from Harper's Island. Sarah is killed prior to the pilot, and is cited as the main reason for the original Wakefield massacre. Sarah appeared in flashbacks that explained the events leading to her death. Her children are the main characters of the series.

    Episodes 7, 13 In flashbacks. The character also appears in other episodes where she is shown again in flashback hung from the Tree of Woe.